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4 Tips for Finding the Right High


Over the past decade or so, it seems like both online and land-based cannabis dispensaries have been stocking all sorts of different types of marijuana products. Having all this choice is a stoner’s dream come true. However, some people find it complicated when choosing what type of weed will give them the right type of high. 

Keep in mind that everybody reacts differently to different strains of cannabis. Some people can handle extremely potent marijuana products while others struggle, even with weaker strains. The potency of most cannabis products nowadays is very high in legal cannabis stores. The marijuana they tend to sell is grown by very experienced cannabis growers, and they tend to use the best soil, lighting, and other equipment to make sure their product is top quality. Finding low quality buds in a reputable marijuana dispensary is almost impossible nowadays.

Before consuming cannabis, especially if you are new to using the substance, make sure you are in a safe environment, and under no circumstances should you drive any type of vehicle after using the substance. 

1. Ask the Budtender for Help

If you walk into your local dispensary you might find it a little confusing. The menus might have a long list of confusing names such as “White Widow” or “Green Craic”. If you are new to the cannabis game, it might seem you are reading a menu in a different language. Don’t hesitate to ask the budtender for help. These people are employed at land-based dispensaries and spend their days serving customers at a dispensary. They usually have a huge amount of knowledge on cannabis, especially when it comes to the marijuana products in the store they work in and they normally have fantastic customer service. Any question you have, they should have no issues answering them. 

The one thing that you might want to remember is that they have probably been consuming cannabis for a number of years. Most frequent marijuana users tend to have a higher tolerance built up. If they claim a certain strain is weak, that does not necessarily mean that you will find it easy to handle. 

2. What is the High from Cannabis from a Sativa Plant like? 

If you see Indica or Sativa mentioned in the menu, or a person working in the shop asks you what strain you are looking for, don’t worry, the differences are straightforward. If you go with cannabis grown from a Sativa plant, you can expect these effects:

  • Stimulates Creativity: If you are looking for marijuana products that can help inspire you to be more creative, perhaps a weed from a Sativa plant might be just what you are looking for. 
  • Energizing: Although most people assume those who use cannabis products just sit on a couch and play video games all day, Sativa can give you an uplifting feeling allowing you to stay productive, even when you are high. This is why it is ideal to use this cannabis during the day, as it can keep you awake at night time. 
  • Increases Appetite: If you are new to pot, you must know that the “munchies” is a real thing and not something invented for the silver screen. Consuming this cannabis can make you very hungry, so make sure you have lots of snacks before you indulge. 

Lots of people use the Sativa strain to help with health problems. Those suffering from depression often use this cannabis because it helps increase their sense of well-being. Sativa is also commonly used to treat a migraine and headache relief. 

Sativa plants normally grow in hot climates. You can find the plant growing naturally in areas like  Jamaica and South East Asia. In comparison to Indica plants, these are tall plants, which makes it really challenging to grow indoors. 

3. What is the High from Cannabis from an Indica Plant like? 

Weed grown from an Indica plant often produces dense, strong smelling buds. Indica plants are often found in Northern Russia. In these areas they tend to get very cold winters, making it impossible to grow Sativa plants, however, the conditions are perfect for Indica plants. Unlike Sativa strains, these are small, strong plants that are ideal for growing indoors. Here is the feeling you should expect to get from consuming weed from an Indica strain:

  • Relaxes the body: If you are looking for a cannabis product to help you relax, Indica is probably what you are looking for. It gives you a mellow high that a lot of people are searching for when purchasing cannabis. 
  • Couch lock: This strain is the reason why cannabis has a reputation for making people lazy. If you want to put your feet up on the couch for the rest of the day and watch some of your favorite comedies, perhaps purchasing some cannabis grown with an Indica plant might help. 
  • Carefree: This strain is great for those who want to clear their head. If you have had a long, hard day at the office, this cannabis will help free your mind from stress and allow you to relax.

People normally use this strain before they go to sleep at night because it tends to make people feel tired. If you have a busy schedule for the day, perhaps avoid consuming this strain. Those suffering from insomnia often use the substance to help them have a good night’s kip. It can also help those suffering from chronic pain or muscle spasm.

4. More Choice Online

Some land-based dispensers have a limited amount of choice. Most online stores stock a wide range of cannabis products and a lot of different types of equipment that allow you to consume marijuana products. 

There are thousands of different strains on the market, so finding the one you want in your local dispensary might prove challenging. With a large number of options online, sites like Cannabis Cannasweets have lots of products to choose from. Traditional dispensaries often don’t have the space to store all these items. 

Some feel that giving the customer too much choice might overcomplicate the whole process, especially for those who are new to marijuana. Very few people are going to spend the entire day going through thousands of different products in a cannabis dispensary, so they only have a select amount of Sativa weed, Indica weed, shatter, hashish, bongs, rolling papers, etc. Most of us, when we shop for marijuana products online, can spend as long as we want researching each product before purchasing it. 


It’s not always the marijuana that makes us get the right high. Often it is the way we consume cannabis. Some people feel that they prefer getting high using a bong because it gets them almost instantly stoned, while others like to vape weed because they feel they can taste the marijuana. Others don’t like to smoke cannabis nor vape it, so they purchase or make edibles themself. There are lots of different types of delicious edibles on the market these days worth trying. 

You might have to try a lot of different cannabis products until you get the right high. Some people like to mix different strains together, in an attempt to get the effects from both. This can be really good fun to try, especially if you are mixing two powerful strains together!