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4 ways Cannabis Products Help Reduce Anxiety


Are you experiencing anxiety symptoms and not sure if cannabis products may offer you any relief? We shall highlight how cannabis products may help reduce your anxiety symptoms.

Cannabis products are believed to offer therapeutic benefits to users with stress, physiological, behavioural, and psychological health issues. But how do they relieve anxiety symptoms?

Before understanding the mechanism behind Cannabis treatment for anxiety symptoms, it is vital to know more about anxiety disorders. Are you ready to find out the effects of Cannabis on anxiety? Great! Let’s dive into it.

Understanding Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is associated with apprehension or fear of something to come. Although anxiety may seem natural, it may become a cause for concern when the feeling becomes extreme and lasts beyond six months.

Anxiety is the most common among the various forms of emotional disorders and may affect anyone irrespective of age. Anxiety symptoms include difficulty sleeping, restlessness, rapid breathing, trouble concentrating, increased heart rate, etc.

Here are some of the common anxiety disorder types:

1. Phobia

People with phobia show extreme fear of an activity, a situation, or an object.

2. Separation anxiety disorder

Separation anxiety disorder is associated with individuals who are afraid of being away from those they love

3. Social anxiety disorder

People with social anxiety disorder show extreme fear of socializing with others to avoid being judged.

4. Panic disorder

Panic disorder occurs when you constantly experience panic attacks when you least expect it. The fear of experiencing such unpleasant episodes causes a panic attack.

5. Post-traumatic stress disorder

PTSD is evident in people who have experienced traumatic events at some point.

Cannabis Products Target The Endocannabinoid System in Your Body

Do you know your body has an endocannabinoid system? It is a complex network in your body that supports the activity of neurons, the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

It is also responsible for regulating several body functions, including sleep, appetite, mood, fertility, and memory. Anxiety affects your mood, and instead of feeling relaxed, you may feel stressed, afraid, or exhibit various discomforts.

Now, here is the critical part to note. When you consume cannabis products, the cannabidiol component may interact with your body’s 5-HT1a receptor. The serotonin-subtype receptor helps to increase serotonin production and stabilizes your mood.

You may have heard about the “feel-good hormone. That is the function of serotonin. It enhances a feeling of well-being and increases a happy feeling. Under production of serotonin may cause depression which is also associated with anxiety.

In summary, cannabis products function as antidepressants or as medications for anxiety by increasing the level of serotonin.

Cannabis Products Help To Activate Neural Receptors

Another practical way consuming cannabis products may help reduce anxiety is by activating your brain’s neural receptors. Cannabidiol in the cannabis product may interact with CBI receptors found in your brain’s amygdala.

Blockage of these receptors may trigger anxiety. Do you know that cannabis products show promising anxiolytic features because they may provide increased activity in your brain’s amygdala circuit that controls emotional processing?

However, for increased efficacy, you should buy quality cannabis products. You can buy Cannabis online but ensure you do so from a reputable online dispensary. Clinical trials have also shown that CBD may benefit patients with social anxiety disorder.

However, consuming cannabis products with high THC content may increase anxiety levels. It is advisable to consume cannabis products derived from low THC strains.

Cannabis Products Promote Sleep and Relaxation

Insomnia and restlessness are symptoms associated with anxiety. When you stay awake for too long without finding time for sleep, your body’s stress level may be heightened. While having adequate sleep is great, some people find it difficult to sleep.

As mentioned earlier, cannabidiol’s interaction with your brain’s receptors encourages the release of the feel-good hormone, which aids relaxation. Have you ever wondered why you fall asleep after consuming your favourite cannabis product? Here is your answer.

Cannabis Products May Stabilize Heart Rate

One of the common anxiety symptoms is increased heart rate and breathing difficulty. Increased anxiety levels may cause an increase in blood pressure. Studies show that cannabis consumption may promote the function of your cardiovascular system.

It may also reduce blood pressure and stabilize heart rate. However, this may only work if you take a reasonable concentration of CBD.

Higher CBD or THC dosage may increase heart rate and blood pressure. It is always advisable to consume the right cannabis concentration your body can tolerate.

Closing Remark

There are several types of cannabis products you can use to help relieve anxiety symptoms. You may purchase cannabis edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topics, etc. however, it’s critical to use this product in moderation for effective treatment solutions.

You can contact a marijuana expert today to see which product may suit you.