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5 Benefits of Studying Psychology that you had No Idea About


Psychology is an academic discipline, which studies human behaviour and mind. In the past years, more and more people enrolled in psychology courses, but there are still a lot of folks, that are not convinced if it’s the right choice for their future career. Even though studying human behaviour and thinking is interesting and thrilling, the majority of people hesitate, because they believe that this degree won’t be worth their time.

It’s only unjustified doubts. In reality, studying psychology gives you a lot of advantages and benefits. In this article, you’ll learn about some of them, that for sure will be helpful in your future. You’ll get a variety of necessary in business skills, but also, a lot of useful knowledge that you can use not only at work but also in everyday life.

Well Paid Jobs

But, let’s start with money. Although cash alone is not the only thing that matters in your career, it for sure helps when you earn a lot. And the demand for psychology specialists is very high. So, when it comes to finances, it’s worth to get a psychology degree.

On average, psychologists earn $72,500 per year. However, it’s possible to get even more. Psychology specialists, who expertise in developmental, forensic or social psychology might earn even $100,000. 10% of the best-earning psychologists in the US can make up to $120,000 yearly. So, when it comes to money, it pays off to be a psychologist.

Pragmatic & Versatile Qualifications

It’s noteworthy that being a psychologist is not your only career option after earning a degree. Employers in pretty much every industry are looking for specialists, who understand how people think, and why they behave in the way they do. Students who enrolled in a new online Psychology Course with James Cook University were looking for careers in sales, business administration, and education. But, honestly, the possibilities are even wider, not to say endless. Computer programming, biological science, health or even public affairs – all these areas are waiting for people with a psychology degree.

But, why does it happen, that psychology graduates have so many options to choose? During the course, students develop their abilities in analyzing and evaluating data, which is a skill, necessary in pretty much every area. Also, they get a lot of experience in problem-solving, which is an ability that every psychology graduate has. It’s safe to say, though, that most psychology degree graduates initially wanted to be psychologists. It was during the course duration when they realised that the skills they can get are all-embracing, and needed in other areas as well. So, it’s not an accident that a big percentage of psychology graduates end up working in an industry not connected with psychology at all.

Possibility to Help People

One of the greatest benefits of studying psychology is the ability to help others. There are hundreds of people who decided to start a psychology career, because of one reason – to help people who are suffering from various conditions. It’s very laudable, and also useful. Because, let’s be real, modern society can’t cope with stress. It’s estimated that around 20% of the world population struggle with depression and anxiety.

Living with these conditions is a constant struggle, that affects one’s social, personal, and often professional life. However, psychologists don’t deal with anxiety and depression only. They also help people who are suffering from developmental, eating and personality disorders. They can save the lives of those who are abusing addictive substances. They help couples who struggle with marriage and family problems. And finally, they advise people who can’t deal with life-changing situations and transitions. If helping others is something that you love and would like to do, then don’t hesitate, and consider the option of taking a psychology course.

Soft Skills Learning

Another significant benefit of studying psychology is that you can learn a lot about soft skills. People don’t usually realize their importance, and they are something that can drastically change your career or even life. Simply speaking, soft skills are one’s attributes, and they have an influence on how good you can cooperate with other people. And working with other people is essential for success in every area.

Soft skills can also help you to form stable relationships, and easily make new friends. If you understand the importance of soft skills in your life, you surely won’t neglect this factor.

Business is Psychology

Psychology background is excellent preparation for a business career. When you think about it, almost every aspect of business requires you to have a deep understanding of human psychology. You have to know how to motivate your workers, how to market your products or services, how to set a price for the product so people will buy it etc. Simply speaking, you have to know human thinking and behavior and adjust your actions accordingly. Knowing what customers want or need is the key to success, and as a psychology graduate, you’ll be able to notice things before your competition.

Studying psychology is rewarding and fruitful. No matter if you’re looking for personal development, or you just want to help others. Studying psychology opens a world of possibilities for you.