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5 Facts About Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation

The lifestyle of any contemporary person has one specific flaw – not getting enough sleep. We tend to sacrifice it for something that we think is of greater importance at the time: watching a movie or TV show, hanging out with friends, or finishing a report for your next meeting. When we finally get to bed, it is already long after midnight or even early in the morning.

One way or another, our sleep gets damaged. Statistically, nearly one-third of the American population sleeps less than a recommended amount (7-9 hours). Of course, nothing bad will happen if you don’t sleep for one night (you will just be tired and sleepy for the next day). But the regular lack of sleep will create serious negative effects in the long-run perspective. Check out our 5 facts about sleep deprivation.

  1. Driving in a sleepy state is the same as DUI. Drinking and driving do not come along. Everybody knows that. Moreover, it is forbidden by the law to do so. Numerous ads and social movements have been trying to raise awareness of this issue. However, nothing has been done to educate individuals about the consequences of driving in a state of sleep deprivation. A recent study cross-referenced the data and found that the number of accidents caused by sleepy driving was approximately the same as DUI collisions.
  2. It boosts the risk of illnesses. It not only contributes to bad well-being but also raises the risk of numerous diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer. This happens due to the fact that our body fights dangerous substances 10 times more efficiently during the deep sleep phase. If we don’t receive enough sleep, our body becomes at risk of developing the above-mentioned diseases.
  3. Sleep deprivation can lead to weight problems. Eating healthy food and exercising on a regular basis helps you to keep yourself fit. However, lack of sleep can eliminate any positive results from your hard work. Due to sleep deprivation, a person becomes more tired and seeks proteins and sugar to replenish the energy, which often causes late-night snacks. Also, don’t forget about hormone misbalance created by a ruined sleep cycle.
  4. It decreases the vaccine’s efficiency. Every year, people get vaccinated against numerous diseases, but the results of a recent study have shown that any vaccine is essentially useless if you don’t get enough sleep. The study examined the data on the sleeping habits of flu vaccination recipients and discovered that those with sleep deprivation were approximately 12 times more likely to experience no benefit from the vaccine.
  5. It has a higher influence on the health of women. Different problems have different impacts on men and women. The same with sleep. According to a new Duke University research, women are in a danger zone when it comes to dealing with the consequences of such a condition. Women with such a condition have a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Concluding everything, we can say that sleep is a vital component of our lives. Thus, it is a good idea to take care of it. Sleep well, keep yourself fit, and soon, you will see how your life becomes better!