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How to Fix Your Sleep Cycle if You Struggle With Breathing Problems

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It is widely known that a good night’s sleep is extremely important and if it is disrupted, it can negatively affect our overall health. Now, there’s a reason why most of us are feeling sleepy and tired around the same night every single night.

It’s because our body is used to following a certain pattern and sleep schedule, and both of these things play a major role in getting the high-quality sleep our body is yearning for. Of course, sometimes when we are travelling across different times zones, these things can be disrupted, which is completely normal.

Unfortunately, there are people who are dealing with poor-sleep quality due to breathing problems. These issues can negatively impact their sleep cycle, which is why they need to find a way to resolve them in order to both improve their sleep and overall health. So what can you do about it? If you do not have the answer to this question, then below you’ll find a solution.

The Most Common Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders And Ways To Overcome Them

Now, in order to work on enhancing your sleep cycle, you first must find a way to solve your breathing issues, and below we’ll talk about the most common ones and what you can do about them.


A majority of people have experienced this at least a couple of times during their lifetime. If it is something that happens from time to time, then there’s no reason for concern. On the other hand, if it occurs almost every night, then you should definitely do something about it.

Now, if you notice that snoring is seriously affecting your sleep cycle, then you should definitely schedule an appointment with your doctor. He or she will go through all your symptoms and medical history and will most likely perform a physical examination.

There are a couple of things that can be used during this process, such as imaging tests (X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging, etc.), and sleep study that can also be executed at home, and then he/she will proceed with the treatment.

So what are your options? Luckily, there are numerous things that can help you out with this condition. Certainly, one of the best things on the market is anti-snoring mouthpieces. But what is it?

Namely, it’s the oral device that has been developed by dentists with the goal to control the position of your mouth while you’re sleeping. It is for sure a great way to stop snoring and just enjoy your sleep. Those who have utilized it are claiming that these devices have drastically reduced their snoring due to their effectiveness. 

Additionally, these devices are also known as mandibular advancement devices that do not allow the tongue to slide to the back of the mouth.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

This is unfortunately a very serious sleep-related problem, and one of the most common ones. What happens during it? The airway constantly collapses while you’re sleeping, leading to lapses in breathing that can negatively impact the body, so use a portable oxygen concentrator for checking the oxygen levels. 

Gasping, snoring, or even choking during sleep, and feeling sleepy all the time are the main symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. This is a condition that must be treated if you want to repair your sleep schedule.

Fortunately, there are a variety of different ways you can resolve this issue. Certainly, the most popular one is the CPAP device, which turned out to be the most effective way to treat this condition. Namely, this device comes with a blower unit that makes constant positive-pressure airflow. 

So if you notice that you are having one of these symptoms, make sure to go to the doctor to see whether it’s time to give the CPAP machine a go, or try out any other beneficial treatment.

Adding Another Sleep-Related Breathing Disorder Below


Maybe the least common condition out of these three, however, it is definitely worth mentioning. Namely, it represents a pattern of atypical breathing and vocalization that oftentimes reminds people of sleep-related groaning.

What happens during catathernia? During it, a person takes in a very long inhaled breath and then slowly exhales while making some strange sounds that resemble groaning. Additionally, the sleeper is not aware that something like this is happening.

What’s good about this condition is the fact that it doesn’t pose any health risks to the person. But how can it be treated? Just like sleep apnea, it can also be successfully treated with a CPAP machine.


As you can see, there are a couple of sleep-related breathing issues that can drastically affect your sleep cycle. The only way to return your sleep to normal and have a good night’s sleep once again is to treat these conditions with our tips.