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5 Hilarious Birthday Gifts for Your Friends


There’s no better way to tell a friend “I love you” than by sending them something absolutely hilarious and unexpected. They say laughter is the best medicine, but it can also be the best gift for any event, especially a birthday. Here are a few unforgettably hilarious birthday gifts that will remind them exactly why you’re friends in the first place.

Singing Telegram

If you can’t be with your friend in person on their birthday, you may be looking for the best gift to send them in the mail. Go above and beyond by sending them an actual person! Hire a singing telegram (yes – you can still do this!) as an unexpected musical birthday present. If your friend has a really great sense of humor and works in a relaxed environment, send the telegram to their job to add a little extra bit of hilarity to their big day.

Your Face

Nowadays, you can order just about anything customized on the internet. If you want your friend to know just how much you care about them, and NEVER forget it, what better thing to do than include your face on their present? You can get custom socks, t-shirts, and mugs with your face on it – even life-sized cardboard cutouts of yourself. They’ll never forget who gave them the gift, that’s for sure.

Coloring Book

For your artistic friends, an adult coloring book may be the perfect gift. But, it wouldn’t be a gift from you if it isn’t absolutely hilarious, right? Show them you care about their sense of humor as much as you care about their creativity by gifting them the perfect coloring book. From the People of Walmart to sarcastic books for moms, there are endless possibilities out there for you to choose from.

Glitter Bomb

This may be more of a gift for your enemy, as we all know how difficult it is to clean up glitter once it’s spilled. Send your friend a glitter bomb – a tube filled with glitter that explodes when they open it. Sure, this will leave a mess around their house, but every time they catch a sparkle out of the corner of their eye, they’ll think of what a good friend you are.


A present wouldn’t be perfect without the card to top it all off. You can find plenty of hilarious cards at any store that shows your friend you’re thinking of them on their birthday, but that’s overdone. Instead of finding the perfect funny birthday card, go with something completely different. “Happy 75th Birthday, Grandma” is the perfect greeting card for your friend’s 30th birthday party. If they’re sensitive about growing old, you can always opt for a quinceañera card, or just go completely off the rails and congratulate them on their new baby. Whatever the occasion, grab the first card you see that’ll make them completely confused.