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5 Interesting Facts About Tarot for the Spiritually Minded

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Curious about spiritual readings? Click here to learn some interesting facts about tarot so that you can go into your next reading with all the information.

If you’ve ever strolled down a boardwalk at the beach, you’ve probably come across a fortune-telling machine that boasted tarot card readings. 

A proper reading will cost you more than a quarter, but they can be very enlightening with the right reader.

Many people turn to tarot when they’re at a crossroads. If you’re in the same situation, you might be interested in the background of tarot cards.

We’re here to fill you in! Check out the list below for five facts about tarot you should know before you have your first reading!

  1. Understanding the Major and Minor Arcana

Tarot decks are actually split between two parts—the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. Both play an important role during readings.

In its most basic form, cards drawn from the Major Arcana represent larger life themes. They usually represent longterm elements or key points that carry more weight.

By contrast, the Minor Arcana cards help illuminate details of one’s day to day life. The cards typically represent smaller events, actions, and people that you are experiencing in the present.

  1. Historical Facts About Tarot: Born in the Renaissance

The history of tarot actually dates back several centuries. The first documented decks of tarot cards are from the mid-1400s. These cards originated in several Italian cities.

Tarot cards were born out of the traditional cards used in Italy, which featured suits of clubs, swords, coins, and cups.

As time passed, artists began adding cards that were more heavily illustrated. These cards were known as trump cards, and they’d become what we know as the traditional tarot cards.

Initially, these decks of cards were used to play a story-telling game. Each card held a different meaning, and a player would use their hand to create poetic verses.

  1. Tarot Cards Don’t Predict the Future

People are often skeptical of tarot cards because they believe the intention of a card reading is to predict the future. While tarot relies on intuition, it isn’t intended to dictate the future.

However, tarot cards are intended to shed light on someone’s life and the potential outcomes of their actions. Readings are intended to help someone get in touch with themself and understand the possible futures they could face.

Since tarot readings are only meant to expand on key elements that make up one’s life, they can and will change as one makes life decisions.

  1. Tarot vs. Oracle: Two Different Decks

When searching up facts about tarot, you’ll likely come across descriptions on oracle cards as well. Those who are unfamiliar with new age practices may confuse tarot and oracle decks or assume they’re the same thing. 

In fact, the two are very different. While the art styles may differ, all tarot decks contain the same cards—the Major and Minor Arcana. 

Oracle decks are all unique, and they rarely rely on the same thematic styles. Many oracle cards feature words or phrases to elicit certain reactions or represent paths one could take.

While tarot can be used for broader and more in-depth readings, oracle cards are typically used for day to day readings. Many use yes no oracle cards to make snap decisions, as opposed to doing a full-fledged tarot reading.

  1. “Bad” Cards Aren’t Necessarily Negative

If you’re new to readings, you might be worried if your reader pulls the Hanged Man card. Does that mean a fatal accident is on the horizon?

These negatively coded cards are actually neutral, especially when you realize that a card can mean different things depending on whether or not it’s pulled upside down or not. For example, the reversed Hanged Man card can represent letting go or developing spiritually.

Even if it’s right side up, it can be more reflective of a hurdle you need to cross. The Hanged Man, for instance, can highlight stagnation or tell you that you’re stuck in a rut.

Discovering the Enigmatic Tarot

Tarot readings can be incredibly insightful! Even if you don’t believe in the power of tarot cards, you can still enjoy the meanings and interpretation that goes into a reading.

The facts about tarot above will give you all the basic info you need before you show up for your first reading! 

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