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5 Remarkable And Secret Powers Of Eye Contact


They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and I couldn’t agree more. Eyes are the most sincere part of the face. They can tell a lot about a person’s emotional state, and if you’re really good at understanding nonverbal cues, then you can even judge a person’s character.

When it comes to understanding a person’s emotions, or even thoughts, and creating a strong, meaningful, inextricable bond with someone, eye contact is way more powerful and intimate than words.

Eye contact simply has the power to tighten a relationship, and even establish one with someone you meet for the first time, be it a new girl or a guy or a prospective employer.

To better understand the importance and power of eye contact, just think about how wonderful and magical it is when you gaze into the eyes of another person and you feel like you’re losing yourself in their eyes and like time stops existing. Or think about how romantic it is when you’re caressed by your partner’s gaze.

Yes, eye contact is one of the easiest ways to connect with someone and undoubtedly there’s much more to it than, well, meets the eye.

Here are 5 remarkable and secret powers of eye contact:

1. Eye contact can tell if a smile is genuine or not.

As I said, the eyes are the window to the soul. When a person smiles their eyes can reveal whether their smile is real or they’re just trying to mask some other emotion, such as sadness, anger, or surprise.

So, if you want to find out whether someone’s smile represents true, pure happiness or fake one, remember that the eyes are the giveaway. Namely, when a person is genuinely happy, they crinkle the corners of their eyes.

2. Dilated pupils indicate interest.

If so far, you’ve only thought that when you meet an attractive person and you get interested in them, only your heart beats faster and your breathing rate increases, know that you’ve been wrong. In situations like this one, the pupils of your eyes change too.

Namely, when you’re interested in someone or something, your pupils dilate (become wider). And believe it or not, dilated eyes make you look more attractive.

3. Direct, prolonged eye contact causes arousal.

The way that arousal is understood depends primarily on the circumstances and the people involved. For example, if a stranger stares at you, this can signalize danger and make you feel pretty uncomfortable, confused, scared, or even threatened.

However, a direct, prolonged, intense gaze between two partners can arouse passion between them, and cause arousal that can be interpreted as a sexual invitation.

4. Holding a person’s gaze is a sign of love.

It’s incredible how a mutual, intense eye contact can reveal so much more information about someone’s feelings than a simple conversation. It can reveal the deepest feelings and desires of the soul.

As Paulo Coelho says: The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden.” When two people stare at each other’s eyes, this is a sure sign of deep emotional and spiritual connection, trust, and true love.

5. Eye contact can reveal when someone is lying.

You probably think that a liar will avoid looking you directly in the eye, but research has shown that manipulators and liars tend to make more eye contact than truthful people.

Liars look you directly in the eye because that’s how they try to make themselves appear honest and trustworthy and make you believe in their fake integrity.