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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dental Implants


Dental Implants are a long standing and celebrated procedure, capable of replacing teeth which may be broken, infected, or missing.

The More You Know

The procedure consists of a small titanium post being drilled into the patient’s jawbone- creating space for a fixed bridge, single crown, or full or partial denture to be installed. Allowing new artificial teeth to be completely joined into the rest of your smile; restoring its functionality and elevating its appearance.

With such an intricate procedure follows some knowledge that’s well worth learning. And information is something that’s always worth sharing! Let’s go over some interesting facts regarding dental implants, and hopefully, you’ll learn something surprising in the process.

Winning Streak

Dental Implants are an amazing feature of dentistry and have a long and successful history since they were invented in the 1960s. The reason for their enduring legacy is simple- they are almost always successful! Implants serve as superior alternatives to the limited lifespans of bridges, crowns, and dentures. While even some dentures may last longer in appearance than their intended timeframe, their functionality will wane quickly in comparison to implants. Implants, due to their formidable material and invasive process, seldom need replacements- commonly lasting a lifetime if maintained properly.

Titanic Titanium

Speaking of material, let’s dig a little deeper. Implants are created from titanium. A metal blessed with a lightweight composition, while also boasting more durability than steel and remaining resistant to corrosion. Meaning it will have no troubles adapting and operating within your jaw, as NASA commonly utilizes this substance to craft shuttles intended for galactic travel!

The durability of these implants is further improved with an additional layer of oxidized titanium. People who have complete upper dentures put in can vouch for the efficacy of this process – allowing them to chew and eat food they would normally not be able to manage with traditional dentures. This upgrade gives a heightened sense of security and confidence to those who may be worried about their implants moving or coming loose.


Cavity Free

What’s Cooler than Sci-Fi Space Teeth? Well, that’s hard to top. However, it’s definitely a bonus that implants are immune to cavities. Not being natural teeth, the durable material of implants proves resistant to decay. This doesn’t mean you should ease up on your oral care regimen, in fact, the most crucial part of the implant process is properly tending to them afterward. Conventional brushing and flossing habits are mandatory to ensure their success while protecting your natural gums and tissue in the surrounding vicinity.

The Freedom to Indulge

Another bonus is the ability to continue your eating habits as normal. The durability of implants is nothing to doubt- basically, any food ranging in texture from crunchy to squishy will likely result in zero complications when biting, chewing, and grinding. Consequently, they allow for patients to retain about 90% of their chewing abilities, which pales in comparison to dentures which offer only around 20%.

All Ages Welcome

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Dental Implants don’t discriminate on the basis of age, while many associates the process with older individuals, this is simply a stereotype. The purpose they fulfill is universal and is applicable to any patient in need of a new tooth between the ages of sixteen and eighty-six. Of course, the factors which dictate your viability for the procedure remain more focused on your overall oral and bodily health, along with your capability to properly manage them once installed.