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Dental Implant Treatment- Procedure And Benefits


What do you mean by a dental implant?

A dental implant is a medical procedure through which a decayed tooth is replaced with a replica of the same through advanced technologies.  Dental implants assist in providing a strong base for putting a permanent or a temporary tooth that looks similar to the original structure of a tooth. The roots of the tooth are replaced with titanium (metal) by inserting into the bones and providing the anchor to the bridge or crown. Have a look at the lasting smiles of Bethlehem, one of the best dental care services providers which you could refer to if you are planning to undergo dental implant surgery.

The procedure of a dental implant

There is a proper procedure for accomplishing a successful dental implant since it takes one or two sittings for the completion of the whole surgical procedure. However, certain preparations are required on part of the patient which is mentioned below:

Firstly, the patient has to go through some X-rays to get detailed observations of the mouth and the teeth.

Secondly, a plan of treatment is formulated. As per the scenario, the dentist makes a plan by noting how many teeth are needed to be replaced and analyses the jawbone. This treatment plan may include contributions from different dental professionals such as a doctor who looks after the specific conditions of mouth, jaw and face i.e. an oral surgeon and a dentist who provides structural support to the teeth i.e. a periodontist. (1)

In case you are already taking any medications or any other over the counter drugs, then you should inform your dentist prior to the treatment process. Also, if you are already suffering from any heart-related disease then you should discuss it with your doctors so that they can provide you with antibiotics for preventing further infections. (2)

Various options are available these days to control the painful sensations such as local anaesthesia, sedatives etc. you can discuss it with your dentist to choose the best alternative for you. The doctor would also suggest to you the food items that you can consume before surgery as well as after surgery. It is recommended to take proper rest after surgery.

Now, this surgical procedure is done in the following stages:

  1. Firstly, the dentist would remove your damaged tooth.
  2. Then preparation of the jawbone is done by using the bone grafting technique usually.
  3. Once the healing of the jawbone is completed, the dental implant is placed in the jawbone by an oral surgeon.
  4. For many months, the healing is allowed to take place.
  5. Then, the oral surgeon puts an extension of the implant metal. Afterwards, an artificial tooth is placed.

The whole procedure may require multiple months, for instance, ranging from three months to nine months and even longer than this.

Benefits of dental implants

There are various advantages of dental implants some of which are mentioned below:

  1. Enhanced appearance: dental implant can make you feel just the way natural teeth do. You can chew your food properly and you can eat comfortably and brush your teeth as you used to do earlier.
  2. A permanent solution: a dental bridge has a life of almost 10 years but a dental implant is a permanent solution because the implant metal gets fused with the jawbone. It is completely free of toxins and therefore is accepted by the immune system of our body.
  3. Improvements in speech: when the dentures in the mouth are not properly fitted, there could be slippage of teeth observed in your mouth which can lead to slurring of speech. The dental implant makes you speak without any apprehension that there could be any slippage.
  4. Oral health becomes better: a tooth bridge usually requires the loss of other teeth. However, a dental implant is different. Since the surrounding teeth do not interfere in supporting the implant, no other teeth are removed. Therefore, it offers improved oral health and hence, oral hygiene also.
  5. Enhanced self-esteem: your long lost smile could be restored easily with the help of a dental implant and you eventually gain self-confidence to interact with other people.


Therefore, dental implants can be very useful if done successfully. However, one must also consider the potential risks involved in this surgical procedure. Proper assistance and care are required on part of both the doctor as well as the patient.