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5 Vegan Immune Boosting Supplements

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When you’re sticking to a vegan diet it’s essential that you’re getting all of the nutrients needed to keep your body running smoothly. While there’s no denying the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle, we could all do with some of nature’s most powerful immunity-boosting supplements. 

So, whether it’s a healthy dose of good old-fashioned Vitamin C, or embracing the incredible benefits of Sea Moss capsules, here are the top 5 vegan supplements to give your immune system a boost. 

Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D is one of the most powerful natural immunity boosters in the world. Whole foods that are grown in sunny climates tend to be rich in Vitamin D. Those of us who don’t go outside as much as they should run the risk of becoming deficient in this essential nutrient. 

Due to its ability to help the body absorb calcium, and the way it helps bones and teeth remain healthy, Vitamin D is vital to an overall healthy lifestyle. (1)

Collagen Booster Supplements 

Are you surprised to see collagen supplements on this list? While they’re better known for being promoted as a beauty supplement, collagen contains proline and glutamine. Both are known to boost cell regeneration and improve your overall immune system.

It’s those very same reasons why collagen supplements have become so popular in beauty regimes. Those cell repairing properties make the skin look younger, fresher, and glowing with natural goodness. 

Vitamin C Supplements 

There was a time when Vitamin C would never have made a list like this. After all, a healthy vegan diet should be packed with foods containing it anyway. But with the global events in recent years, there’s certainly no harm in doing all you can to bolster your immune system and add another layer of protection to your supplements. 

Zinc Supplements 

A deficiency in zinc is a common issue, and sadly, it’s also the trickiest of all the vitamins to get right. Why? Well, unfortunately, not enough zinc is extremely bad for you, but so is too much zinc. 

In other words, there’s a balancing act when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle without risking a toxic health hazard. And considering zincs’ ability to heal wounds and boost your immune system, it’s a balance that’s very important to get right. 

Fortunately, taking regular zinc supplements take care of that for you – offering the perfect daily amount to keep you feeling great without any worries of taking too much. (2)

Sea Moss Supplements 

Due to its adaptability, Sea Moss is used for anything from cooking delicious vegan meals to boosting the immune system. Containing an incredible 92 of the 102 essential minerals your body needs, Sea Moss capsules provide you with 90% of your daily mineral intake in one pill!

Its rich Vitamin A and K content give your skin a natural glow, and with natural iodines, it even helps you to regulate your metabolism, and fat in the body. 

While some of the vegan supplements mentioned here are extremely effective, Sea Moss already contains zinc and iron to boost immunity levels. It even contains collagens! 

Incorporating some of these vegan-friendly supplements into your daily routine will keep your immune system strong, steady, and protected from infections.