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6 Great Tips for Creating a Spacious and Airy Bedroom

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The bedroom is your ultimate place to unwind after busy work and activities throughout the day. Usually, after a long day, the only thing that you want is to relieve the stress you experience for the day by resting in your bedroom. Thus ensuring that you have a comfortable bedroom that you can turn to for proper rest is very important. Some of the things that can help to improve your bedroom comfort are as follows:

  • Keeping the room clean and free of cluttered
  • Have a comfortable bed and comforter
  • Hire aircon services Singapore to make sure your temperature feels comfortable and cool.
  • Install a reed diffuser or aromatherapy to make your room smells good

If you have a limited room area, you will need extra steps to keep your bedroom spacious and comfortable. Here are some of the best-kept recommendations that you can apply to elevate your room’s comfiness!

1.  Get rid of unnecessary items

Did you know that a pile of things in the bedroom can have a negative effect? Based on a study, excessive piles of goods can make a person feel trapped, both physically and psychologically. This can lead to stress and feelings of isolation. Other studies suggest that a tidy home environment can help lower stress hormones and blood pressure, as well as reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. With too many piles of cluttered items in your room, it can also make your room look crowded and uncomfortable.

To prevent piles of items cluttering your bedroom, what you can do is organize items according to their type. Afterward, you should separate which items you want to keep, throw away, and donate. Remember, the more items you have, the more likely clutter can emerge.

2.  Use light-colored wall paint

As the main part of a room, the color of the wall paint determines the atmosphere of the bedroom. In order for the bedroom to be more spacious looking, you should use bright wall colors. You don’t need to use colors that are too lively or eye-catching. Paint your wall with bright colors, such as white, pastel colors, light yellow, soft pink, and other bright neutral colors. These colors will help your bedroom to look more spacious and airy.

3.  Use matching furniture colors

Apart from painting the walls a bright color, choosing the color of the furniture is also important to create a comfy bedroom and make it look neater.  Neutral colors like white and gray are suitable for use as furniture colors. You can also enhance your bedroom’s comfort by adding wood elements to the furniture. Do not use furniture that has bolder colors, especially if you put them in contrast with each other. This is one of the best tips to keep your room pleasing to the eye and comfortable for you when resting.

4.  Maximize the use of natural light

Lighting is very important to make your room feel extra spacious. A dark room without sufficient light can make you feel cramped, claustrophobic, and it can even ruin your mood. Therefore, one of the ultimate tips for organizing a simple bedroom is to open the window in the bedroom during the day when the sun is shining.

Sunlight is great for physical as well as mental health. By having proper sun exposure, it can provide you with proper vitamin D intake, improve sleep quality, and reduce symptoms of depression. You can also place a mirror on the wall to help reflect sunlight all over the room. (1)

5.  Decorate the room with natural accents

Incorporating natural elements can make your bedroom feel much more comfortable. To add natural elements, you can place ornamental plants that are suitable indoors. If it’s not possible to keep plants, you can rely on plant motifs in decorations or pillows and blankets. The beige and green color is also often associated with natural accents. Thus, you can try to use this splash of color when decorating your room.

6.  Install decorations as necessary

Decoration certainly makes the bedroom more beautiful and colorful.  But if you decorate your room too crowded, then it will make the room feel crowded and cramped. Even more, if the area of ​​your bedroom is already narrow. Having a bedroom with a limited area may limit the space for movement and furniture placement. Thus it is important for you to arrange the placement of decorations properly so that it is not too crowded and the room can still feel spacious and beautiful. You can also decorate your limited-space bedroom with hanging photo frames or paintings.

A comfortable and organized bedroom will improve mood, support productivity, and maintain room tidiness. Ensuring you follow the tips we have provided above can do wonders for you! (2)