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6 Ways to Become Sexually Empowered


Becoming sexually empowered may sound like an abstract and difficult to define concept, but it means that you take the lead when it comes to your sexual desires and getting what you want. By being sexually empowered, you are making your own choices regarding your sexual experiences and respecting the things you desire and your natural urges.

While there isn’t a strict set of guidelines that will make you sexually empowered, as everyone is different when it comes to their sexuality, by following these suggestions you can learn to understand your sexuality and empower your inner sexual being.

Talk About Your Desires

One of the most important steps on the path to sexual empowerment is being honest and open about your sexuality. If you have a partner, then this will involve talking to them about what you want and what sort of sexual experiences you would like to share with them. Although, just because you are single, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still talk about how you feel.

However, it is often difficult to talk openly about your sexual desires if you haven’t first been honest with yourself. You may have some preconceived ideas of what sexual desires you should have depending on your age or gender, but this shouldn’t be the case. You shouldn’t feel that your sexuality is restricted by other factors other than how you feel.  

Explore Your Own Body

While talking about enjoying our own bodies can sometimes cause a bit of embarrassment, it is natural for us to enjoy our own bodies just like we enjoy other’s bodies. You should spend some time getting to know your own body and work out what sort of things you enjoy. Being sexual doesn’t necessarily mean being with someone else, so don’t forget that you can always go it alone.

If you are unsure on where to start when it comes to having sexual experiences of your own, you may choose to invest in some sex toys online to help you work out the sort of things you do and don’t like. Don’t feel like if you aren’t in a relationship, then you can’t have sexual experiences. Instead, by exploring your own body you will be able to tell a future partner the different things you enjoy.

Accept Who You Are

A huge part of sexual empowerment is accepting who you are as a person and what sort of things turn you on. It can be difficult to adjust to your sexuality if it doesn’t follow the traditional gender stereotypes, but you shouldn’t let this hold you back.

You may feel nervous about admitting your sexuality to your friends and family, but by accepting yourself, your loved ones will accept you as well. Similarly, you shouldn’t let your sexual experiences hold you back from experiencing things. There are many ways now that lesbian couples can simulate heterosexual experiences. For example, if you are part of a lesbian couple, then you should consider investing in a double dildo created by Wet For Her so that you can both enjoy each other and give each other ultimate pleasure.

Look Good, Feel Good

Often the road to sexual empowerment is made a lot easier if you look great, as this can impact on how you feel about yourself. Whether you have a male or female partner, you can boost your confidence by making yourself look good in preparation for the sexual act.

Making yourself feel great ready for a sexual experience can mean applying your favorite perfume, or it can mean you visit a lingerie store and having something on hand for you to wear to make you feel sexy. Often, feeling sexy is the key to sexual empowerment and by feeling sexy and confident in the bedroom you will be surprised at how much more you enjoy the experience.

It’s Not Just About Being Naked

A sexual experience doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be naked. Sexual and erotic experiences can take place when you are fully clothed. You can start foreplay as early as the morning of the day you and your partner plan to have sex. Sending a dirty text from the office to your spouse can be a great way to be sexual with each other when you aren’t even together.

Show Your Partner How You Like It

It is important that you are upfront and honest about what you do and don’t like, both with yourself and your partner. You can feel empowered by showing your partner exactly how you like it and don’t be afraid to say something isn’t for you. If you want to feel even more empowered, then show your partner how you do it when you are alone.

Sexual empowerment won’t emerge overnight, but by following these tips you will be able to enjoy yourself and others much more.