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7 Reasons Why I Keep Cutting People Out Of My Life


1. Different opinions and different morals. We will differ in opinions, sure. But if we disagree over everything, then why are we even friends? If your morals are ranking low on the chart and you disrespect differences, I don’t have time to teach you that people are different and that differences are to be respected. I don’t have time to deal with your biased worldview. I don’t have time for racists or misogynists or homophobes or transphobes. I want to spread love and share love, but if you are behaving borderline toxic than I am out of your hair. 

2. I am done being a pushover. Period. Now that I am standing up for myself, I no longer stand the bullsh*t of other people. They see the change and they don’t like it. Ouch. 

3. Behavior that spins in circles. I told you what bothers me. We polished our relationship and a few months after you do the same. The old me would tolerate that. Would try to understand. The new me will just slam the door in your face and walk away. You cannot treat me without respect over and over again and get away with it. I will not let it happen anymore. I now can put an end to disrespect and a lack of boundaries. 

4. I am done avoiding confrontations. You have something to say to me, well be it. I am not going to avoid confrontations. Now I can speak up my mind and be honest about what I think of you, because hey, I’d rather have one real friend than a hundred fake ones. We can talk it out and if we hit our differences, we’ll move our separate paths, and that’s the end of the story. I know one thing: I am also done playing the peace-maker, the mediator. 

5. Self-care matters to me more. My own comfort, my own psychological wellbeing is my priority right now. I don’t want to deal with anxiety, depression and overthinking, I’d rather spend time with myself and enjoy it in peace than being among a group of people who don’t really listen to me, people who use my insecurities against me and say they were only joking or just have no capacity of having a real, genuine, deep conversation. I am above shallowness. Big time. 

6. I try to be present at the moment, not on social media. I don’t want to miss out on the people I care about, so I am spending more time engaging in real conversations. So that means I may not text you back right away or I won’t send you memes as often as I used to because I have other things I want to engage in more. It’s called real life. 

7. So what if we have a history? I will not keep someone in my life, simply because we have history. If we don’t really get along now, if we barely talk to each other, there’s really no reason to keep each other around anymore. I don’t hate you. I’m certainly not trying to hurt you. I’m simply moving on from you. I don’t have the energy to maintain meaningless connections.