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7 things you need to know before moving in with each other


Relationships are a tricky thing. For starters, you never know what type of relationship it is that you’re getting into. You might know the person, and how they are and how they act, but you can never truly tell the type of person they are to live with unless you try living with them. And that’s because people are different when they’re at home. It doesn’t matter if you were childhood sweethearts or if you met on one of those online hookup apps, you are bound to discover new things about your partner once you move in with them. These things might come as a surprise to you.

They may shock you, and you may find them unbearable to live with. Or you might find them pleasant, and they might make you fall for your partner even more. To try and reduce the shell shock you have, this article will try to lay out everything that you might come across while getting to know your partner, and as your bonds grow. Here are the 7 you need to know before moving in with each other. (1)

#7- Do They Have Terrible Music Taste 

Yeah, music taste isn’t all that important, right? Until one day you move in together and you wake up in the morning to some loud techno playing. How important will their music taste be then? Yup, I thought so. You might want to get well acquainted with your partner’s music preferences before you decide to leap to the next step of moving in together and living with each other. 

#6- Do They Keep The Place Very Messy 

I had a roommate for 2 years, and I always found myself having to clean the apartment after them. At some point, it became intolerable and confronted them about it. But that’s just how some people are. They keep their clothes scattered all over the apartment, the dishes in the sink, the lights on in the bathrooms. It’s not necessarily on purpose,  they just don’t prioritize those things as much as others. There is no guaranteed way to know if your partner is a slob with their living space unless you’ve been to their place a few times and picked up on it. And if that’s the case, then you may want to reconsider moving in with them. Or at least talk to them about it beforehand. 

#5- Do They Cook Or Are They A Order-In Person 

You know for sure whether or not you prefer to cook, or if you prefer to skip all the effort and process and go straight to ordering food to your house. Usually, if you’re living with your partner, it’s preferred if one of you is a cooking person, and one of is the pizza delivery type of person. That balance is a useful and healthy one. But then again, you can’t blame a person for not wanting to cook, or not knowing how to cook. The best thing you can do is to have a fun date night where you both stay in and cook your own dinner. Maybe after that, they might have an open appetite for their own cooking. 

#4- Are They A Pet Person 

Pets are a big deal for some people. You might be a pet person, or you might not.  Pets can be anything from dogs to cats, to fish, hamsters, birds, etc. Maybe you’re fine with having a small aquarium of fish, as opposed to having a dog running around the apartment. So it would be best to test those waters with your partner and see where they stand in terms of having a pet so that you don’t get surprised with a big dog jumping on you when you open your apartment door. 

#3- Do they Have Any Annoying Friends or Relatives 

You love your partner that’s great, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you love their friends or family. After all, you probably have your own cousins that you can’t stand and that you never invite over. So it can be annoying if your partner always has an annoying cousin or friend, that you never could get along with, always coming over and spending time at your place. I’m not saying that this is a deal-breaker. All I’m saying is that you might be in for a few annoying Wednesday afternoons for the foreseeable future.

 #2- How Hard Will It Be To Share A Bed 

Sharing a bed is not an easy thing. Especially when you consider that nighttime is the only time you get some true rest and relaxation in your day. This is why, if you’re going to share a bed, you might want to check a few things off your checklist, before making that commitment. For example, do they snore while they sleep? If so, how loud? Do they kick and turn over a lot in bed? Hog all the covers? Do they like the room warm or cool? These are a lot of questions but rightfully so if you think about how important sharing a bed really is. My advice would be to give it a test run before making any decisions to fully catapult into living together and ultimately sharing a bed together.   

#1- Is It Time or Is It Too Soon 

Ultimately the number one thing you need to consider before moving in with your partner is, it time for such a huge step or is it too soon? Only you two can answer that question, and only you two will know it’s time or not. Trust your instincts and your relationship and if you feel like it’s the right thing to do, then go for it. (2)