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7 Tips For Staying Sober And Clean; Have Your Fulfilling Life Back


If you have quit your addictive behaviour or stopped drinking and you are determined about staying sober, you will avoid a relapse as you would do to a plaque. A relapse has detrimental effects, and it is the last thing a focused person on staying sober will ever do. On the contrary, relapses are a common phenomenon for individuals new to recovery.

Approximate estimates show that 90 per cent of the people who attain long-term sobriety had at least encountered a relapse along the journey. Other individuals might even have faced several relapse encounters in their quest for lasting recovery. One’s intentions might be clear and well anchored, although it takes much effort to evade an addiction relapse.

It’s not easy to identify any warning signs of an impending relapse, therefore, it can firmly manifest itself within you without your knowledge. However, a relapse occurs long before a person grabs a drug or a drink. It is common that whenever you quit substance addiction or drugs and stick to your old ways such as hanging out with the same people and in the same places, and not taking time to alter your lifestyle, then it would be much easier to adapt to your old habits and behaviours. Scientific research indicates that changing the following things in your life can lead to a healthy lifestyle which translates into ultimate sobriety.

Strike a Balance in life

Most individuals who are new to recovery end up substituting one addiction for the other. For example, you can substitute alcohol with the QYM (Questioning Your Manliness) in your path to recovery which is dangerous and can lead to relapse at a later period. The secret to sobriety is to strike a healthy balance in everything in life and gain control over choices.

Engage in Physical Activities

If you were addicted to drugs or drunk excessively then, it is most likely that your health and physical fitness has already deteriorated. However, recreational activities and physical exercises reduce stress which pauses as a higher trigger for relapses. Exercising reduces boredom, which is another factor contributing to relapse. (1)

Conduct Some Changes

If you are struggling to remain clean for a long-term period, it is advisable to abandon your old hangouts, habits and, routines. Eliminating these repetitive vices and getting acquainted with new lifestyles mostly helps individuals who are new to recovery to retain sobriety.

Acquire a Job

Most addicts face the challenges of acquiring and maintaining employment for an extended period. Getting your finances in order during
addiction is a significant challenge, on the other hand staying idle after quitting drugs is detrimental to your sobriety. It is advisable that you acquire a job and work towards solving your economic puzzles.

Develop Healthy Relationships

Hanging out with your family and friends who use drugs increases the chances of falling into a relapse. However, creating new healthy relationships with sober people helps you to shed off your old addiction habits and lock relapse triggers. 

Handle Past Mistakes with care

Pain and suffering are imminent obstacles blocking the path to recovery. Once trying to maintain a sober lifestyle, quilt and shame can drag you to relapse if not dealt with properly.

Always Stay Calm and Cool

It is clear that most addicts and alcoholics face immense challenges in anger management. Anger is a neutral and healthy emotion,
although many substance abusers have difficulties in anger management and expressions. To remain sober, it is crucial to learn about anger management. You may also equip yourself with information about certain drugs, say the real origins of heroin and read about its history and current defects on users. This information will most likely trigger your brain into staying clear of such substances.

Staying sober is entirely dependent on self-determination and commitment. If you keep at it without deter, you will not only stay sober but have a more fulfilling life.