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7 Ways to Clean Your House with Vinegar


It is unarguable that vinegar is a competitive cleaning product in homes. However, you may be wondering about the different ways you can use the product. After all, vinegar also deodorizes and disinfects surfaces, so why not use it more?

Here are effective ways under the supervision of cleanzen.com to clean your house with vinegar that you will enjoy practicing and watching results;

  1. Fabric Softener

Are you washing your clothes and just realized that you don’t have a fabric softener? This should no longer pose a challenge, not when you have vinegar in your house. Apply some in your washing water, and you will get the same result as using a softener and a non-chemical product.

  1. Cleaning and Disinfecting the Toilet

If you want to give your toilet a thorough cleaning, you will find vinegar highly effective. You just have to pour a small amount into the toilet, then wait for at least three hours. When you are back and ready for the cleaning, you will find the scouring effects at work, as the toilet is cleaner. On top of that, vinegar takes care of the toilet odor, leaving your toilet clean and fresh.

  1. Fridge Deodorizer

There are foodstuffs that you feel reluctant to put in the fridge, given the stench that comes out of the process a day or two afterward. Sometimes you are not even able to put a contrasting food type in the fridge. For instance, once you put cooked chicken in the fridge, you may not want to put milk in the same fridge.

The good news is that you have a solution for this with vinegar. You only need a cupful of vinegar, which you will place in the fridge. It will absorb all the stench and odor in the fridge, and you will be surprised by the impact.

  1. Cleaning Greasy Surfaces and Utensils

If your floor, surfaces, or utensils are greasy with oil, unripe banana stains, and other sticky stuff, vinegar is your friend. You only need a mix of vinegar with water in a 50/50 ratio. The vinegar solution will loosen the grease, making it easy to clean. Most amazing result; not even a stain remains behind.

  1. Facilitates a Sparkling Floor

When your floor is so dirty you are not sure you will manage a successful scrub, vinegar is a welcome idea. Add it to the cleaning water, and attain a pristine new outlook on your floor.

  1. Pet Odor Remover

Pets are sweet, and thinking of the odor that comes with pets doesn’t have to worry you anymore. You can spray carpets, rugs, and other areas in the house with vinegar or vinegar solutions for a fresh smell despite the pet.

  1. Erasing Marks on the Walls and Floor

Children, just like pets, are sweet but have a side that leaves you disappointed. They can leave crayon and pencil marks on walls and even on plastic carpets, which are difficult to remove.

Nevertheless, vinegar protects you from stress, as with a 1:1 ratio with water, you have a paint-friendly solution for the damage.

Parting Shot

Ways to clean your house with vinegar? If you had one or two tips, I am sure that you have added a few more to your list. You can finally add glamor to your home with vinegar in more than one way.