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7 Ways to Keep Things Fresh in Your Marriage after Having Kids


Married couples with kids can find it relatively hard to maintain the spark and romance in their marriage when they’re up all night tending to a crying baby. The change from husband and wife to mom and dad can be an overwhelming transition for some people. However, keeping things fresh in your marriage after having kids is still possible by doing things such as moving to a new house, having a date night, complementing each other and many more.

1. Date Night Once a Month

Dating each other is probably what made you fall in love with each other in the first place; therefore, it makes great sense for you to continue dating to keep the romance alive. It does not have to be an over-the-top kind of date. Even if it is just conversing and laughing over a snack in low tones to avoid waking the baby, just set aside time once a month to go on a date and reconnect and stick to it. Family nights do not count as date nights. (1)

2. Random Act of Love and Goodness

Those times when you used to call/text each other just to say “hello” should not stop. Continue to send those lovely texts or notes to your better half even after having kids to keep the spark alive. Leaving a love note for your spouse under the pillow or hiding their favourite treat in their jacket pocket are some random acts of love and goodness, which do not require much effort or time, but they show your spouse that you care and love him/her.

3. Compliments

Everyone loves to receive compliments. Praising your partner on at least one thing each day can help to strengthen your marriage. Be careful to listen at all times. Your partner may compliment you on the areas they wish to receive praise. Ensure that you avoid back-handed compliments. (2)

4. Creating A Sanctuary at Home

You can still create space for romance even if you are sitting at home. Though it can feel hard to achieve a romantic atmosphere when your home is cluttered with toys and dirty utensils, there are some things you can still do to create a romantic sanctuary at home. Give gifts to each other like flowers once a week. If you’re watching television together, you can dim the electric lights and light some candles. If you are just having a quiet talk, you can turn up some romantic music. Always try to keep your home clean, so that you will have a relaxed time. Don’t leave dirty laundry spread everywhere in the house. (3)

5. Together Chores

Many marriages get shaky because of household chores. One party may feel they’re doing more chores than the other person. To avoid such a tricky situation, it may work well to do chores together. By so doing you will be sharing your time together and bonding at the same time. Marriage and kids are your life right now, do not get too busy that you forget to enjoy life. Designate some time to complete chores together.

6. Avoid Using Phones at the Dinner Table

In the world we live in today, many people are glued to their phones most of the time even at the dinner table. To keep things fresh in your marriage after having kids you should make it a point to avoid using phones while having meals together. This allows for conversations at the dinner table and strengthens the bond between the two of you. (4)

7. Move to a New House

Relocation may not be for everyone; however, some homes have negative memories and the marriage may have the ability to move forward by searching houses for sale in Florida together, it may provide a chance to start fresh if that is what’s needed. Close to the beach, new scenery, warmer weather, setting up for success. Moving to a bigger or better accommodating place may help your children and may work well for your marriage as well. A new house can spark a new bond for married couples to enjoy new things in a new place together.