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8 Essential Tips Used To Identifying High-Grade Hemp Oil 


In today’s world of digital marketing, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a product that is what it claims to be. The reason for this is that companies increasingly mislabel their products and make false promises to their customers in order to increase sales.

Hemp oil is no exception. Even though the oil is trendy and enjoys a large customer base, it can still be difficult sometimes to find a brand of hemp oil that’s of high quality.

The purpose of this article is to make this task easier for you. Read on to find out some of the most useful ways you can make sure that you purchase the right brand of Hemp oil.

1. Check The Product Label

The first thing you want to check for in your hemp oil is its ingredients. You can do this by reading the product label.

The essential ingredient you want to identify is THC. Remember, that when it comes to hemp oil vs. medical marijuana, the critical difference between them is that hemp oil contains low levels of THC, which is a hallucinogen.

You should always aim to purchase a form of hemp oil that contains relatively minor levels of THC so that you don’t damage your body.

Apart from that, it’s also beneficial to find out the spectrum your hemp oil is part of. There are three primary categories of hemp oil spectrums:

  1. Broad-spectrum oil contains all organic substances except for THC.
  2. Full-spectrum oil contains all naturally present substances, including THC.
  3. Isolate types, the purest form of CBD oil currently available. They do not contain any THC.

Isolate types are the best as far as hemp oil is concerned. If that isn’t readily available to you, you can also choose any other brand with low THC content. 

2. Determine The Manufacturing Method

There are many different ways hemp oil can be manufactured. Each company employs its unique technique for creating oil, and that has a significant impact on quality.

The first thing to consider in the manufacturing process is the extraction method used. It would help if you always opted for extraction techniques that employ the use of supercritical CO2 gas since it’s a highly effective extraction agent.

Secondly, when you’re considering the various ways through which the hemp oil was processed, you should specifically look for methods that used ethanol as a processing substance.

Keeping these two manufacturing tips in mind will help you find a good quality, authentic brand of Hemp oil to use. 

3. Read Customer Reviews

A relatively quicker and easier method of determining your hemp oil’s quality is by checking the reputation of the company that produced the oil. Ideally, a company’s website is the best place for checking out reviews and feedback. 

Still, since many companies have started to remove negative reviews and add fake good ones, you should also consult third-party review websites.

Additionally, when reading reviews, please pay special attention to the negative ones, since they’re the most telling about how profitable a company is.

Lastly, it would help if you always avoided companies that have a lot of negative feedback, since the quality of their products can’t be trusted. 

4. Consult Lab Reports

Sometimes, reading the product label to determine the quality isn’t enough because companies have started printing false information on their products’ packaging.

It’s wise to read through reports of the lab tests that were conducted by other unaffiliated parties. The benefit obtained from this is that the information is almost always reliable and accurate.

5. Find The Cultivation Location

The location where the hemp used to produce the hemp oil in question was grown is also a great way to discern the quality of the oil. Even though you can grow hemp almost anywhere, there are only a few particular locations that allow for the cultivation of high-quality hemp seeds.

In the United States, for example, the best regions for farming hemp are Oregon, Kentucky, and Colorado. The nutrients present in their lands facilitate the growth of the highest quality hemp oil, which is high in its versatility

In addition to this, it’s also useful to note that land sites filled with heavy metal are the worst for growing hemp.

6. Check The Price

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of finding out where the hemp used in your brand of hemp oil was grown, then a quicker way of determining its quality is to look at its price.

Since hemp oil is created by being extracted from a cannabinoid plant, the process requires a lot of time and has high expenses.

Therefore, an authentic hemp oil brand will always be a bit on the expensive side. However, there is a limit to this, and you shouldn’t buy a bottle of hemp oil that is too costly either.

There is a middle ground you need to search for when it comes to prices.

7. What Is The Concentration Level?

The advantages associated with hemp oil are innumerable. But, when you consume it in excessive concentration, there is a chance that you may experience some serious side effects. Therefore, it’s always smart to check the concentration level of your hemp oil from the product label so that you can determine how good the brand is.

If you don’t know which concentrations are ideal to consume, then look for one which falls within a range of greater than 25 mg in 30 ml and less than 1000 mg in 30 ml. Any concentrations outside of this range and the hemp oil aren’t advisable.

8. Check The Smell And Color

When it comes to hemp oil, you want to search for natural, organic aromas which are usually unpleasant and pungent. Fragrant smells are almost always proof that hemp oil has been altered with artificial substances.

Similarly, when it comes to color, you want light, pastel shades, which indicate high purity and supreme quality. Many brands of hemp oil come in dark and alluring shades these days and, although they may look appealing, those shades are a sign of chemical interference and sub-standard quality.

A darker gradient also means the hemp oil has a higher-than-normal content of THC present, which can be very dangerous.

Final Advice

Make sure to properly read and understand these factors so that the next time you go to a store, you can purchase a brand of oil that’s well worth the cash you pay for it.