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8 Signs You Probably Have A Higher IQ Than Average


Intelligence is the moving force in this world, attributing to the greatest discoveries, the creative growth, and the betterment of society. If you do any of these 8 things, it may hint that you are one of the people who are here to help steer the world toward a better future.

1. You are a loner

Research has found that people who possess a higher IQ are less social. In fact, it has been found that social interaction affects the overall happiness of intelligent people negatively.

While social interaction is viewed as a positive factor on the overall state of happiness in people, highly intelligent people are happier with less socialization.

2. You tend to worry more

High intelligence goes hand in hand with an increased risk of anxiety. That’s what several studies have discovered, adding up to the fact that people with social anxiety are indeed highly intelligent.

These people have powerful mental processors, possess a high verbal intelligence, are hyper self-aware, and can detect danger before anyone else, among other things.

3. You may have a mental illness

Scientists have found that a higher IQ in children was related to an increased risk of a later development of bipolar disorder. And indeed, some of the greatest creative geniuses exhibited signs of bipolar disorder, such as Vincent van Gogh, Virginia Woolf, Lord Byron, Ernest Hemingway, and others.

4. You have a different approach to ‘reality’

Highly intelligent people don’t like to stick to the accepted truth if it feels outdated to them. They are full of new ideas, and a proof for this is the many scientists in the past who paid the ultimate price to break the traditional perceptions of the masses.

A study has found that people with a higher intelligence tend to tilt away from the conservative and traditional approach to life in favor of a more liberal one. They are here to break the comfort zone society creates and thus help it to grow.

5. You trust people more

People with high intelligence tend to trust people more, and may even come out as naïve in the eyes of others. In a survey, it has been found that intelligent people were prone to trust others more and that this contributed to their overall state of happiness and physical health.

6. You swear like a sailor

And you don’t see why you shouldn’t. Besides your tendency to break the stereotypes and take people out of their comfort zone, a study has shown that a person’s ability to generate swear words is closely linked to a higher verbal intelligence.

7. You know how it’s like to be lazy

Being lazy is a sign of a higher intelligence, says another study, which attributes a person’s laziness to being more focused on their thoughts. And this laziness makes you messier as well.

However, your organized chaos is a breeding ground for creativity.

8. You are a night owl

A study has shown that intelligent people find it hard to go to bed early. It has been found that even from an early age, a higher IQ indicated to a more nocturnal behavior when the person reaches adulthood.

The study has found that people with an IQ below 75 went to bed at around 11:41 and woke up at 7:20, while people with an IQ greater than 125 went to bed at around 00:29 and woke up at around 7:52.