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8 Signs Of Spiritual Awakening That May Be Happening To You Right Now


Everybody ‘wakes up’ at a different stage in life, and this is perfectly natural and absolutely wonderful. There are those who have already started searching for the deeper, inner truth, while others are still hitting the snooze button – and there are those of you who may be on the path of awakening as you are reading this.

We all come with a single purpose and we live by following the invisible path to it. Spiritual awakening means the discovery of the insights that bring us closer to the Truth about who we are and what our purpose is in this chaotic world.

Have you woken up yet? Read on to find out what it means to become spiritually awakened and how it affects your life.

1. All the knowledge you’ve gathered stars falling into place

We have all gone through a long learning process that has spanned not only through our current lifetime but through many lifetimes before. And while the past-life knowledge is more subtle and comes in the form of innate wisdom, our current-life knowledge is the one that needs to be understood on a deeper level.

In the process of spiritual awakening, you start realizing where that knowledge fits and how it connects to the rest of the information you have accumulated – and it all connects with the increased sense of oneness and wisdom you’ve been bearing with you since birth.

2. New ways of thinking, feeling, living

With the sudden lifting of the veil of illusion, you will see what you have been doing and how the person you have become affects your life and those around you. A sudden change in your moral perspectives, your conscience, and your ideals will bring about a different way of functioning that will suddenly seem all too familiar and natural to you.

Tackling challenges will become an enjoyment you won’t like to miss out on, and coping with emotions and with challenging thoughts will receive a completely new dimension.

3. A reinvented relationship with oneself

In most of our ‘sleep’ time through this life, we have often forgotten who we really were and how much we should assign meaning to our existence. However, this sightless grasping for temporary pleasures and living the days like they don’t really matter is coming to an end.

Your awakening brings you to a completely new level of understanding of oneself, and you will start noticing the things that make you who you really are. Self-love will receive a completely new meaning, and your vanity will start making no sense at all.

4. Increased awareness of everything around you

In this path, you start understanding how important everyone and everything is to the web of life that you are also part of, and you will start feeling greater compassion and understanding for those around you.

If you weren’t able to see the good in others, now is the time where that good will start revealing itself and tell you that it is here to grow, if you let it.

5. A greater sense of oneness and interconnectedness

Sensing the web of existence will give you the feeling of oneness as a gift you will gladly accept. Everything is connected, and everyone is part of that connection and that series of events that unfold for the greater learning of humanity and the evolution of existence to a higher dimension.

This knowledge will only reinforce your sense of Self and how you interact with others will utterly change from the root. You will, however, receive a new Ego that you will need to learn to cope with and become one with.

6. Fear of death is a thing of the past

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should be negligent, and you will know it. But this loss of fear will come as a result of understanding that death is just a temporary and illusory idea that has nothing to do with your existence.

The fear of death is the fear of the unknown it brings, and your awakened state will allow you to understand what it really means and that when it comes, it was destined to come with an exact purpose and meaning.

7. Greater connection with nature

If you haven’t felt connected before, your awakened state will allow you to become more connected to nature and everything living. Your nurturing nature will rise to the surface and allow you to truly experience the unconditional love and the life force that Nature radiates with.

Use this connection to give as much as you receive from nature. In the end, we are all part of the same Web of life.

8. Sudden increase in the need for alone-time

People are afraid that being alone means being lonely. However, being awakened, you will understand that you can never be alone, even when there’s nobody around you. And you will need that alone time to process the flow of information you will start receiving.

In your alone time, your energy will start reconfiguring itself and adjusting to the new frequency you are rising to. Enjoy the growth.

So, allow yourself to truly experience this wonderful sense of awakening and, please, be aware that not everybody awakens at the same time. Judging should not be a part of your habits, regardless of what people are doing.

Your awakened state will allow you to understand that whatever is happening around you is happening for the purpose of our collective growth, and we are all part of it. Don’t become the thing you are judging – as when you are judging, you are accepting half of the blame.