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6 Signs That Show You Have A Spiritual Gift (Pay Attention To #3)

how do i know if i have a spiritual gift

All people are born with a spiritual side, but not all are aware of it. The truth is that we are all able to unlock this side of our being. Once you become aware of it, you will notice that the gifts it has to offer come to you by default.

How do I know if  I have a spiritual gift?

The process of unlocking this side very intuitive, subtle, and spontaneous. In fact, if you are reading this, you might as well be on your way of understanding your spiritual side better. And if you recognize any of these 6 signs then you indeed have a spiritual gift.

1. Being able to recollect dreams easily and regularly

While many tend to forget their dreams a few moments after they wake up, you have that habit of remembering every bit of them vividly. This gift allows you to read the messages your subconscious receives during sleep.

This is when the conscious mind is silent and allows for a flow of pure information from higher planes of awareness. While this information may seem very masked and even trivial, writing it down in a dream journal will help you find the connection.

If you possess this gift, make sure you use it to learn a lot from your dreams and understand the hidden messages that could help you turn your life around.

2. Visions that often come true

 These visions don’t necessarily have to look like a movie that suddenly blocks out your normal vision. They can come in dreams (and you will know the difference), and they can come in a wakeful state in the form of mental images accompanied by intense sensations.

Such ‘intrusive thoughts’ can pop out at any time during wakefulness, and you will know that they are not the regular kind of thought. If you get to experience such visions, pay attention to what you saw and rewind it in your head.

Sometimes these visions can mean a difference between life and death for you or someone you know. Also, observe the emotions that come with these images – this will help you understand your gift better.

3. Waking up at 3-4 a.m.

If you respect your sleeping time and you still wake up at around 3 to 4 a.m., it’s because there is something that wants you to receive some major spiritual message. Also known as the holy hour, this is the time when the energy flux is the calmest, and we are most open to higher information.

If you wake up during these hours of the night, it’s not a bathroom call, but a spiritual one. Sit somewhere where you feel most peaceful and relax. You may not receive some fantastical visions or hear voices (if that’s what you expect), but your mind will be adjusted to obtain coded higher spiritual knowledge which will unlock itself in time.

4. Intense nightmares

When the spiritual channels cannot reach you in a normal way, your mind tends to transform these messages into nightmares. However, this is still a valid form of communication, no matter how terrifying it may seem to you.

It’s because your mind isn’t ready to interpret these messages differently – compare it to that of a child. Children are very receptive in terms of energy, but their minds aren’t yet aware of what these messages mean.

Practicing some dream awareness (by writing a dream journal) and mindfulness will allow you to become a lucid dreamer. Once you recognize that this is a nightmare, don’t forget to listen and not be afraid.

5. Extreme empathy

Cases of extreme empathy can even lead to experiencing the same physical ailment the other person is going through. For example, a person close to you is having health problems, and you suddenly start experiencing similar symptoms (although you aren’t actually ill).

This means that you have the ability to connect with people so strongly, that you can use the gift to help them heal. Understanding one’s pain, emotions, problems, means experiencing them. Empaths are healers, and so are you. (1)

6. High intuition

We all possess intuition to some extent. Some follow it, others choose to ignore it – but we all have it. And then there are those with very high intuition. If you have this kind of intuition, you can’t help but live by its messages every moment.

High intuition means that your awareness is spread throughout several planes of consciousness and you can easily gather information from each of them. When possessing such a gift, you should be aware that it’s not only the gut feeling you get that defines as high intuition.

High intuition can spread and affect your dreams, your wakeful state, and even your unconscious reactions. Monitor your experiences carefully and connect them to the feelings you might have had before them. This will help you increase your intuition even further.

Possessing any of these signs means that you possess a spiritual gift, which you need to appreciate and practice. To increase your gift, learn to love yourself more and take care of your health and well-being. (2)