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8 Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Near And Watching Over You


Angels have been present in every religion – if you look at the religions of the world, you will notice that they simply transcend the religious bonds and are virtually present in every one of them.

If you take the guardian archangel, for example, you will find Archangel Michael in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, as well as in the Esoteric beliefs, and they all give him a slightly different pronunciation to the same name.

Angels have long been associated with protection and divine guidance, and many people claim to have felt their presence or received their aid in dire times. So, how can you know if you are being watched over by an angel?

Here is what others have reported to have felt:

1. Unexpected changes in air pressure or temperature

Some people report to have felt an unexpected rush of warmth or the feeling as if the air simply went out of the room. These changes are sudden and not easily explainable.

2. A feeling of a presence

A strange feeling as if something or someone is in the vicinity, although cannot be seen, has been reported by others. They claim that if you set your intentions, you could even receive a more physical sign of the angel’s presence.

3. A mysterious smell

An odor that cannot be described in any way and that those who had that experience have never smelled anything similar before or after the encounter with the angel.

4. Change in lighting

Some people say that they have experienced a change in the lighting in the place where they had the encounter. Some describe it as strange shadows, while others report beams of light.

5. Angelic voices

It has been said that the presence of an angel is most felt when you hear angelic voices, such as gentle whispers, a telepathic message, or even a nudge in the brain. When this happens, you can try and communicate with the angel.

6. Dream appearances

Most often, angels appear to people in their dreams, bringing some kind of message or reassurance in dire times. You will know if this happened to you because you’ll know it wasn’t just a dream.

7. White feathers

White feathers are not that common to see in our everyday lives. But if you see them, it might be a sign that you have been visited by an angel. People report these experiences, after which there is some kind of turning point in their lives.

8. Otherworldly stranger

Sometimes, although rarely, the angel can take on a physical form and manifest in front of the person who needs to see them. They don’t talk, and they seem simply otherworldly. In their presence, people have felt strong emotional relief, and usually, they experience serendipities.