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8 Things Alpha Women Don’t Give A F*ck About And You Shouldn’t Too

alpha woman

An Alpha woman – it sounds so powerful, doesn’t it?

I’m sure you’ve already noticed her because the strength, confidence, and charm she oozes attract everyone’s attention. Her badass nature leaves no one indifferent.

An Alpha woman is strong, smart, independent, self-respecting, ambitious, and fearless. She knows who she is and she knows what she wants in life.

She lives life in accordance with her own beliefs, values, and principles, not the rules of others. When she disagrees with someone, she’s not afraid to speak her mind. And when others criticize her, this woman knows how to stand up for herself.  

She lives her life without worrying about what tomorrow may bring. She’s been through rough times and she has problems just like everyone else, but what differentiates her from the rest is that she doesn’t let her worries affect the quality of her life and stand in the way to her happiness and success.

This tough, smart, and mature woman understands that some things in life are simply not worth stressing over. She knows that life is what we make it and she ensures she makes it worthwhile.

Here are 8 things Alpha women don’t give a damn about:

1. Whether other people accept them.

An Alpha woman doesn’t bother to fit in with the crowd. She embraces her true self and lives a truly authentic life. Conforming to stereotypes, conventions, and boring, outdated rules that society imposes on her is out of the question.

An Alpha woman simply exists out of the box and if others don’t agree with the way she lives, well, there’s nothing she can do about it.

2. What other people think about them.

An Alpha woman lives her life for her, not for anyone else. She doesn’t let the fear of being disliked or rejected stop her from being her true self. She accepts and cherishes herself the way she is – with all her flaws.

She knows her worth and respects herself enough not to feel the need to seek other people’s approval. She knows that no matter what kind of person you are, people will always judge. So, if someone doesn’t like her, well, that’s not her problem!

3. Having a “90-60-90” body.

Alpha women don’t buy into all that “perfect female body shape” stuff which is heavily propagated in the fashion industry and all media. Alpha women love themselves and their bodies as they are. They find beauty in all their imperfections.

They know that we’re all different and that we possess unique characteristics, and this is what makes us beautiful and special.  

It doesn’t matter to an Alpha woman whether she has a pound more or pound less because she understands that her body weight and dimensions don’t make the person she is and they certainly don’t define her worth.

The only thing that matters to her is to always keep her body healthy and maintain her mental and emotional well-being.

4. Following fashion trends

If she doesn’t care about her body weight and dimensions, why would you think she’d care about following some stupid, boring fashion trends? If short, tight, black dresses and high-heels are not her style, there’s no chance she’ll wear them, be that at dates, parties, meetings, or you name it.

Alpha women only wear clothes that they like wearing and that they feel comfortable in. And what matters is that whatever they wear, they wear it with confidence.

5. Being always right.

Being always right? What?! This attitude is only for immature, unambitious, ignorant people. And Alpha women certainly don’t fit into this group. These women are open-minded and curious. They want to expand their knowledge of any topic and gain new perceptions of the world.

Any smart, ambitious woman knows that there’s no such person that knows everything. Therefore, she’s not ashamed or afraid to admit when she’s made a mistake or said something wrong. What matters to her is the fact that she can always learn something new and useful from her mistakes.

6. Leaving toxic relationships.

Any smart, self-respecting, confident woman knows that when it comes to her happiness, inner peace, and well-being, there are no compromises. Therefore, she surrounds herself with people who benefit her and add happiness and value to her life.

She respects herself enough to know that selfish, phony, manipulative, and controlling people deserve no place in her life. So, whether it’s a friend, a family member, a co-worker, or partner, she’s not hesitant or afraid to end her relationship with them if they have a toxic influence on her and prevent her from living a fulfilling, happy, successful life.

7. Being shy in bed.

Being shy and submissive in bed? The hell with it. When an Alpha woman is truly in love with someone, she’s not ashamed or afraid to give in to passion. She’s not ashamed to share her wildest erotic fantasies and desires with her partner.

This woman is an equal partner in bed, and she demands what she wants.

8. Being popular on social media.

An Alpha woman knows who she is and she knows her worth. She doesn’t need to receive hundreds of likes on her selfies and posts or have a thousand friends on her Facebook or Instagram profile so as to feel accepted and valued.

Instead of spending her energy checking how many likes her photos on social media have received or what other people have posted, she focuses on doing something which is beneficial for her and enhances her personal and professional life.