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8 Tips for Creating a Perfect Graphic Design Website


When you’re running your own graphic design company, a website can be one of the essential parts of your business. Besides giving your potential clients a chance to see what you can do, graphic design websites offer you a visually attractive way to connect to more clientele than ever before.

If you are starting from scratch, you may experience lots of challenges trying to create an eye-catching graphic design platform. To help you get started, here are eight tips for creating a graphic design website that will leave the whole world talking.

Choose a Great Logo

Your logo is often one of your first impressions. So, it’s important to make sure it reflects your brand and helps define what you do. A great logo should make someone learn more about you and your services.

Whether you’re creating an icon or using text, pick something that potential clients can easily recognize and link to your business. The best logos have some degree of simplicity as they may look less professional or overwhelming to some users if a logo is too complicated. You can practice making your logo on a free logo generator on the internet.

Acknowledge the Power of Good Navigation

Good navigation is crucial to creating a graphic design website. If your visitors can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll quickly move on.

The average attention span online is short. So, make sure people can find what they need quickly and easily.

A good solution is using breadcrumbs. They are an intuitive way to show where you are in relation to where you want to go. Breadcrumbs keep people from getting lost and let them know how far away from their desired content they are at any given moment.

Make the Layout Interesting

There’s more to creating an attractive website than simply slapping some pictures on a screen. In fact, you can have beautiful images and text and still wind up with an unappealing design.

To ensure your site is appealing, consider starting with an exciting layout. While you don’t have to go overboard with elaborate designs or colors, consider using photos or icons that combine in unique ways. These details can help draw people in without distracting them from what they came for.

The Font Matters

Selecting fonts can be an overwhelming task. Consider your personal preferences, design style, and branding goals while picking a font.

For example, Helvetica is best if you use it in monochromatic design schemes or with other very simple fonts. Its clean lines are not suited to elaborate typography.

Once you’ve determined the right fonts, utilize them correctly by downloading a free font-editing app. Choose from hundreds of fonts and customize their shape and color to make them ideal for your graphic design website.

Give Your Site Good Color Scheme

A good color scheme is an essential part of your design. When selecting colors, keep in mind that it’s best to use no more than three different hues. Also, ensure the colors you choose complement each other. The best sites have a cohesive color palette representing their brand while also complimenting visitors’ emotions.

Keep it Simple

If you’re an artist, you likely have thousands of brilliant ideas bouncing around in your head. The trick is to focus on one or two that represent your best work and push everything else aside.

For example, if you want to sell prints of your paintings on your website, focusing solely on canvases might be the best bet.

Be specific about who you are targeting with each product line as well. It may seem limiting, but it will result in less effort to promote and sell if done right. This is due to the fact that fewer options create more clarity.

Test Everything on Multiple Devices and Browsers

While designing your website, it is vital to have everything tested on multiple devices and browsers. A majority of users may access your site from their smartphone or tablet. So, make sure it looks good on those platforms.

You can also use browser plugins to adjust elements in real time as you view them on a page. In addition, ask people to test out your site too. There are many forums online full of webmasters who will be more than happy to give you some advice.

Be Original

The Internet is full of websites, so your site needs to stand out. Think of something that’s never been done before or one you can do better than others.

Being original isn’t just about adding extra value to your content. It also sets you apart from any competition already out there.

The Takeaway

Every designer needs a website to showcase their portfolio and credibility. As designers are one of the most competitive fields right now, you can’t afford to look like an amateur with your site. If you want to start your project but don’t know where to begin, the above eight tips will help you get started.