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9 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re An Empath


Empathy is a gift that makes you a special person – one of the true healers of this world, and a part of a much greater whole.

Empathy – the ability to feel what others feel, to walk a thousand miles in their shoes, and to understand how they got to where they are. As much as this gift is a blessing, it can also be a curse that can drain you out.

And just like with any other gift, it all depends on how we use it that will make the difference between a blessing and a curse. However, what matters is that empathy is an exceptional ability, and it is the recipe for our future as humankind.

If you are an empath, know that you are not alone – many are being born empaths, and more are becoming powerful empaths with each passing day. Empaths are born healers – they can feel the pain of the world, and they are here to mend it.

The curious thing about empaths is that they have a unique set of characteristics that others do not possess. It may seem strange to those who have not developed their empathetic side, but for empaths, these 11 characteristics are something that comes naturally.

1.You are overly sensitive

If you hear people tell you to ‘toughen up’ because you are ‘too sensitive,’ don’t listen to them. You are sensitive for a reason. Some movies make you cry, the news on TV is something you cannot stand because of all that negativity, seeing pain makes you feel pain.

This is very natural for an empath, and there is nothing wrong with it. No matter how much people tell you that you need to be tougher, they will never understand that your sensitivity is the cure for this world that has become too tough.

2. You absorb the emotions of those around you

Perhaps this is why crowded places may seem too much for you. It is because you tend to absorb people’s emotions like a sponge. You feel what they are feeling, and you cannot control it. Sometimes you may be even confused whether these emotions are yours or theirs.

People feel comfortable speaking to you because you genuinely understand how they feel and what they are thinking. And it is no wonder. If only the world could be more sensitive the way, you are. Wouldn’t it be a much better place?

3. You are an introvert

All the sensitivity to the energies around you makes you want to stay away from many people. It is simply because you do not always have the energy to cope with all those emotions.

Instead, you tend to look for more quiet places, people who you can relate to, or just being by yourself for some time. This loner attitude is something which helps you to recharge and muster your strength for the next emotional challenge.

4. You possess high intuition

Your empathy does not only mean that you can feel people’s emotional energy, it means that you can sense all energy around you. It is just that people’s emotions usually radiate with the strongest intensity.

However, your ability allows you to truly listen to the energy around you, and this activates your intuition. You know how things will turn out; you know if somebody is lying or trying to manipulate you; you know the things your intuition shows you and only you can understand them.

5. Intimate relationships can be overwhelming for you

When you connect to someone on a deeper level, you start absorbing so much of them that you may feel like you are losing touch with your identity. You suddenly see yourself reacting the way they would, feeling the things they feel – and it can all be too much for you.

However, this ability allows you to truly understand your partner and show genuine care and devotion to them. They may not be aware of what you are going through when you are near them, but they know that you understand them perfectly for the people they are.

6. You are a magnet for narcissists (and vice versa)

You are a healer, and the narcissists are one of the most emotionally damaged people out there. It seems like you are the perfect pair that will either succeed together into something much greater or will fail miserably.

Don’t be afraid of the notion that you are drawn to narcissists. You have the ability to spot manipulation from a mile, and you also can peer deep into one’s true nature.

This does not only give you the upper hand with narcissists, but you also have the potential of bringing them back to the genuine and beautiful Self hiding beneath their monstrous mask. Trust yourself and if you love someone, never give up on them.

7. Nature is your cure

If you offer the cure to those who need it, nature provides that cure to you. In fact, when you look at the way you function, you are like nature. You feel unconditionally, you give unconditionally, you understand unconditionally.

That is why your sanctuary is in nature and nature is your best teacher. Do not forget to visit nature regularly and nurture plants in your home. Being in touch with nature means clearing off any negativity that you may have absorbed and learning lessons which only you can understand.

8. You have a heart of gold

If everyone could be named after the strongest characteristic they possess, your name would be ‘Emotion.’ Your emotions are always sincere and pure; you give them unconditionally, and you always try to help people heal.

People will try to take advantage of your golden heart, as many think that this is a weakness. Trust your intuition and your empathy, and you will easily read their intentions like a children’s book. Protect yourself as much as you try to protect others.

9. Sometimes, you cannot tell your feelings from those of others

This can happen especially if you are emotionally drained. You start experiencing the feelings of others, and you think they are your feelings. It takes practice to tell your feelings from those of others, and it takes energy too. So, don’t forget to recharge.

In some cases, empaths are even known to mirror the emotions of others. These empaths are also known as Heyoka empaths, and they are considered to be one of the most powerful empaths out there.

Empathy is a very powerful trait and being an empath is as demanding as it is beautiful. If you are an empath, know that you are doing humanity a great favor by helping it heal from the bitterness and coldness we all learned to love dearly.

Never try to change who you are, as you are highly appreciated among your close friends, and among those who truly understand your role in this world.

Let them know who you are!

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