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Heyoka Empath – The Most Powerful Type Of Empaths

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What Is An Empath?

Empaths are individuals who are physically sensitive to other’s feelings and often more spiritual than the rest. These people have a gift to “read the mind” of people.

More precisely, empaths can feel what people are feeling and thinking, thus often, their lives are under the influence of other people’s intentions and moods. 

An empath is someone who is highly attuned to the feelings of others. They can immediately feel when someone is not feeling well, or is in pain. They can understand everyone and why they react the way they do because they can see things from their perspective. They can feel, see, and think what others are feeling, seeing, and thinking.

Also, it is usually said that empaths are not only very aware of the emotions of other people, but they also feel them as if they were their emotions. Empaths are also known to be one of the most gifted healers and nurturers in this world because they are very emotionally intelligent and highly intuitive.

Empaths can “read a room” and pick up other energies. That’s why they are often feeling tired, overwhelmed, and depleted of energy. Therefore, they often need to isolate themselves and recharge their batteries.

Heyoka: Meaning

What Is “Heyoka”?

‘Heyoka’ is a Native American word that means ‘fool’ or a ‘sacred clown.’ This term is very suitable for an empath who uses their humor and light energy in order to heal them and bring positivity in their life.

What Is  Heyoka Empath?

Heyoka empath sees and experiences life in a different way than other people and empaths. They are aware of the fact that sometimes the best thing to shift a person’s thinking is to distract them completely by startling them out of it. These empaths show others a completely new view of things which is usually a total opposite of what they are accustomed to.

Heyoka empaths help people heal by behaving as a mirror, i.e reflecting their behavior back to them so that they can see their errors and start correcting themselves, thus commencing the healing process.

The Heyoka empath’s role is to disrupt things and shook them in order for people to see life differently. This empath uses the sacred clown’s energy to open the eyes of other people to look at things differently and be open to new possibilities. They can make them look at life differently and approach situations from different angles.

Heyoka empaths will usually say or do something out of order to change the energy of the room and shift the perception of others so that they can begin their healing process and start seeing things more clearly. And when it comes to their healing, Heyoka empaths don’t heal in a conventional way.

For their healing process, they make space for other people to become aware of their behavior and in that process, they heal themselves. They heal through chaos and disruption. Their healing is not a calm and peaceful one. It is shocking and explosive, but that is what they need to move on from people and things that no longer serve them.

11 Signs You Are  Heyoka

There are some traditional signs that show a person is a heyoka empath, for example, being dyslexic, born breech, emotionally unpredictable, being left-handed, doing things backwards, and thinking outside of the box.

Moreover, you can instinctively know and feel what other people are needing to know or do in order to heal. Plus, when you have noticed that when you have deep conversations with another person, they often have life-changing epiphanies.

Maybe you heal others through your sense of humor and your ability to point out the funny aspects of a situation. And if you often find others being shocked by your words and actions, then probably you are in your Heyoka energy.

11 Signs That Show You Are A Heyoka – The Most Powerful Empath:

1. You are an empath

In order to be a Heyoka empath, first, you need to be an empath. If you are sensitive to the feelings of others, if you can understand them and feel an urge to help anyone in need, then it is very possible that you are an empath.

2. You are the ‘joker’ of your group

You have a very positive and jovial view of life. You always use humor when you communicate with others. Even during difficult times, you joke around and manage to find the fun in every situation regardless of how depressing it is.

Moreover, you have no problem telling other people what you think about them. You tell them the truth with humor. However, sometimes even your humor can be too much for them because some people are not used to it.

If you are a Heyoka empath, with your humor and satirical nature, you can disrupt and alter the thought patterns of other people, thus enabling them to heal and change their perspective.

3. Other people react emotionally towards you

And this is because being a this kind of empath, you are a mirror that reflects back the emotions of other people. Therefore, you can reflect people’s personalities back to them thus allowing them to see themselves for who they truly are which furthermore provokes emotional reactions from them.

There will be times when people will find you overwhelming and irritating. They may even act with anger towards you. However, that is because you have shown them their true character and they cannot stand to face themselves.

4. You have a young heart

Your heart is young. You are energetic, with a child-like passion and zest for life. You always look at the world with new eyes. You may even look younger than your actual age because you feel young. Your spirit is young.

You could also be very creative and into the arts. You probably love to daydream and always making new plans and taking action to fulfill your dreams.

5. You don’t follow societal norms

Most people see you as a free spirit who goes against any norm. You are unconventional and you don’t conform to any stereotypes. You are always doing what you like doing without thinking about what other people might think about it.

Plus, you have no problem talking about unconventional topics or topics that are considered taboo by other people. You are very honest and up-front and that scared other people because they are not accustomed to meeting someone who is that true to themselves.

6. You are emotionally unpredictable

Other people look at you as emotionally unpredictable because of your strong and rapid reactions. If you are a Heyoka, you are someone who is extremely sensitive and reactive to the emotions of other people.

Moreover, you don’t feel the need to hide how you feel. You wear your emotions on your sleeve. You are open and honest, and that can be overwhelming to people. You can even bring yourself into situations where when most people are laughing you can start crying and vice versa.

7. You enjoy your alone time

Even though you are a person who is a joker and gives joy and happiness to those around them, you are also someone who values and enjoys their time in solitude. Being an empath is hard and it can be very exhausting, so you need your alone time to recharge your batteries and refuel your energy.

Being this special kind of empath can be even more draining because you reflect other people’s emotions and they influence your energy. So, spending time alone and focusing on you is essential to your wellbeing.

8. You are very blunt and honest with people

Heyoka empaths are always blunt and honest. They see no point in lying to someone. They want people to heal and therefore, they know that they can’t help someone to heal if they are not honest with them.

If you are a Heyoka empath, when someone asks for your opinion, you never lie. You tell them like it is. So, your honest nature gives them a chance to learn and grow in their lives. You help them by unmasking them and forcing them to look at themselves as they are, flaws and all.

You don’t sugarcoat anything. You tell people things that they don’t want to hear, and they may be angry at you at first, but when they think about it they will see that you were having their best interests at heart.

9. You genuinely care about people

Yes, it is a human trait to care about other human beings. However, if you are a Heyoka empath, then you care about others deeply. You feel their emotions as your own. You feel their pain. You feel their happiness. You go through everything they are going through. That’s why you connect to them on a deep and profound level.

Heyoka empaths want to help everyone they encounter. Especially if they sense that the person is sad or upset, they want to help them release those negative emotions however little they know the person. They will do anything to help them heal.

10. You can sense energy

You can not only feel other people’s feelings, you can also feel an energy of a room or a place. You are extremely sensitive to energies, positive or negative. Negative energy especially has a troubling effect on you.

But, being a Heyoka empath, you can easily alter the energy and transform it into a pleasant one. And even though being at social gatherings can be challenging and overwhelming for you, you know how to balance yourself and change the energy in the room. That’s your gift and you are one of the rare people that have that power.

11. You are a survivor

You embrace life and all its ups and downs. You deal with anything that life throws at you. You are aware that there are good things and bad things and you are prepared for them. For you, life is incredible and worth living.

In addition to this, heyoka empaths are people that are so sensitive that they can mirror the feelings of their surrounding individuals.

But being an empath is not something you could easily learn. Even if one wants to be an empath, they might not succeed no matter how hard they try. Being an empath is something you take with you from birth.

Being an empath can have its own consequences, though. Many people born with this trait experience the feelings and thoughts of the people around them.

At times, they can even feel the physical symptoms of an illness or anxiety. As a consequence, they are often misdiagnosed as hypochondriacs.

Many people misunderstand empaths and fail to relate to everything they’re experiencing. And the empaths themselves know that because they can read the emotions of others. 

Empaths are affected by other’s energies and their life is influenced by their environment unconsciously. Thus, when they’re anxious or sad, those emotions might be just a reflection of someone else’s feelings.

Heyoka Empaths – The Most Powerful Ones

Some empaths manage to block out emotions and may even appear ignorant. However, there is one type of empathy that is most powerful – Heyoka.

The most important trait of Heyoka empaths is their ability to show the negative traits of others. As the term (which means “sacred clown”) reveals, these individuals act as expressive reflectors to people in their environment.

Traits of a Heyoka Empath

The traits of a Heyoka empath may even include dyslexia or young appearance. In addition, they are born with the ability to help the people who express their negative traits.

Sometimes, their intentions may be misinterpreted and they may be accused of being intrusive or irritating. But being irritated or anxious after a conversation with Heyoka empath might mean that they were only mirroring the emotions you are releasing to the world.

Similarly, if you feel happy and confident afterward, it might be that they have tried to show you how important it is to feel that way.

Many people would leave and not think about this experience. It is easy not to accept your flaws and always blame others for your misfortunes. Or you could learn from a Heyoka and let them help you.

You could be open-minded and share the experience with the Heyoka. It’s good to accept your negative traits and try to improve instead of running away from them.

Because there will be a time when you will realize that you could’ve improved many things and you could’ve influenced other lives with your positive example.

The Spirit of a Heyoka Empath

The Heyoka empath will help you overcome everything and you will learn from them to be satisfied with yourself. They are wise and they have practiced their gift since they were born.

They will be your support when you need it and they will give you the best advice you could ask for when you find yourself in the middle of a crossroad. 

Being a Heyoka empath is a true blessing. These empaths are God’s gift to the world to help us heal and change for the better.


Heyoka Empath - The Most Powerful Type Of Empaths