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A Kind-Hearted, Honest Woman Doesn’t Want Your Money: She Wants Your Time, Attention, And Love


A kind-hearted, honest woman doesn’t want your money. She doesn’t want you to shower her with lavish gifts. She doesn’t want you to be the richest man alive.

This kind of woman wants your time, attention, respect, and most importantly, love.

You could give her all of the expensive gifts and luxurious jewelry which every woman out there wants to have. You could buy her the biggest, the prettiest, and the poshest house that an architect can ever build. You could buy her a mansion. You could buy her the fanciest cars and the most modern gadgets that exist on the market. You could take her to the most luxurious places on this planet.

You could do all of the above-mentioned things so as to show her only how important she is to you, but this woman is not going to like and value them as much as when you choose to give her your attention and love.

A kind-hearted, honest woman won’t care about material things like these as long as she has your attention. She’s the type of woman that would give up all of the lavish gifts if this meant that you could have more free time to spend with her. She wouldn’t accept any of the fancy cars if this meant that you’d have to work all day long only to clear your debts.

Yes, having money and standing high on the social ladder is great, no doubt, but money doesn’t stay forever. They come and go.

On the other hand, time is something that you can’t buy or sell. It’s something that you have to use wisely. Time has value and a kind-hearted, honest woman knows that it’s the most valuable gift that one can give you.

Therefore, she is always going to choose time over money. Since it’s not money that binds two people together, but the time they choose to commit both to each other and the relationship to make it happy, fulfilling, and long-lasting.

You could open her hundreds of bank accounts. You could promise her that she’ll never have to chase financial stability. That she’ll never have to worry about whether she’ll have enough money to pay her bills. You could even promise the brightest future for the kids you might have together one day.

However, in the end, nothing of this will matter to her as your time and attention.

A kind-hearted, honest woman wants you to be the type of man that is able to devote to her the attention she needs, craves, and deserves.

She wants you to be the type of man that is going to stay by her side through both good times and bad times. The type of man who’s never going to leave her to deal with her worries and problems on her own. The type of man who’s going to stick with her through thick and thin.

She is the type of woman that’s going to expect you to offer her a shoulder to cry on and a warm, comforting hug whenever life gets tough for her. She’s the type of woman that’s going to ask for your support and help whenever she is feeling down in the dumps or struggling with problems or low self-esteem.

Because no amount of money and expensive gifts will ever be able to replace the attention, help, and support you can offer her. Nothing will be as valuable to her as your undivided attention, unconditional support, and kind, comforting words. No material thing will ever be as able to make her heart melt as your affection and love.

Because the only thing that matters to her is whether you feel about her the way she feels about you. Whether you love her the way she loves you. Whether she means to you as much as you mean to her.

As long as this kind of woman is with you, it won’t matter to her whether she lives with you in a mansion or in a regular, modest, single-storey house, or whether or not she owns a huge box of expensive jewelry, or how many and what car brands she has.

As long as this type of woman has your time, attention, and love, nothing else will matter to her.

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