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A Soulmate Won’t Complete You – They’ll Keep Inspiring You Until You Become Whole


Who told you that you need to find a partner to be fulfilled? To be complete?

Who told you that finding a soulmate is the most important thing in life?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do believe that there is someone out there for every one of us. And I do believe that we will all find our missing pieces in life, eventually. But here’s something that I will never agree with: that your partner should be the center of your life. 

Not everything should gravitate around them. You are still you and you need to radiate that uniqueness and stretch your experiences. 

If you are not happy with how your life is going, you cannot expect to have all of that fixed by someone else. You cannot expect to be saved by someone else. You and you only have to take responsibility for your life. 

Your soulmate, your perfect half will help you heal, they will bring joy in your life, they will see all your unfiltered parts and choose to love you despite, but they cannot save you. They cannot change how you feel about yourself. 

Your worth will be increased under your initiative only. 

Having the right person beside you will give you the strength to weather the storms in your life. It will heal the scars you have from past relationships or abusive relationships. 

The right person will be happy to see you succeed. They won’t be scared or intimidated by your growth.

They won’t hold you back from doing everything you put your mind to. They will encourage you to go after your dreams and passions because they know that you are becoming the best version of yourself and they find that very attractive.

Your soulmate will help you see yourself for who you are. Your soulmate will challenge you to challenge yourself. So I guess, they will not complete you, rather, they will inspire you to complete yourself. Expect your partner to be your complement, your asset, your shield, but not your antidote. That’s on you. 

Because only you can save yourself.