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A Woman Can Give You Many Chances, But Once She’s Done – She’s Really Done


A woman can put up with your false promises, lame excuses, and lies for a long time, but when she’s had enough of your bullsh*t, she won’t give you a second chance.

A woman who loves from the bottom of her heart is willing and prepared to sacrifice her own happiness, needs, and priorities for those who mean the world to her.

A woman who loves honestly, deeply, and unselfishly is willing to do everything for the special people in her life.

Because it’s in women’s nature to love this way. It’s in women’s nature to be compassionate, generous, and loving. It’s in their nature to be tender, but also strong and resilient.

Therefore, remember this: Once a woman recognizes that she’s being taken for granted, she won’t think twice about walking away.

When she’s done with you, nothing you do will change her mind.

When she’s finally done giving you chances, the only option you’ll be left with will be to accept the harsh reality and repent for your mistakes.

Because you see, we all have boundaries. And when someone keeps disrespecting them, they don’t deserve forgiveness.

Maybe you think that if you notice that she wants to leave you, you’ll manage to convince her to stay with you by showering her with compliments and sweet words.  

Well, not so easy, pal.

Because she has self-respect. She has dignity.

She will not allow you to walk all over her. She will not allow you to take her for granted and play with her feelings.

As I said, she can give you many chances. She can forgive your mistakes time and time again.

And know that she won’t do this because she is naïve or stupid. She’ll do this because she loves you from the bottom of her heart. She loves you with every part of her and she believes you are worth it.

She believes that you will change.

But as I said, everyone has limits, and once these limits are crossed, there’s no turning back.

When you break a woman’s heart, she won’t give you a second chance.

And, of course, letting go of someone she thought she was going to spend her life with, and someone who she believed loved her as much as she loved him will not be easy.

Her heart may ache and her soul may weep to let go of you, but she’ll do it because she knows her worth and respects her own boundaries.

She won’t allow you to drag her down or force her to live a life she doesn’t deserve. She won’t allow your toxicity to ruin her happiness and wreck her hopes anymore.

She loves and respects herself enough to admit to herself that her life is so much better without you.

She is strong and loves herself enough to put you in her past and move on with her life.

Therefore, she’ll let go of you and concentrate on her future. A future in which there’s no place for you. A future in which she’ll feel happy, fulfilled, and whole again.

A future in which she’ll be with someone who will know how to treat and love her right. Someone who will know how to cherish and appreciate her. Someone who will know her soul and her worth.

Someone who won’t need a second chance to be with her.

She’ll find someone who will know that you have to appreciate the amazing people in your life before it’s too late. Before you lose them forever.

How Do You Tell If A Woman Is Done With You?

It is for your best to realize when a woman has done with you. But, women can be subtle and never get to the point about the relationship, hoping that you will understand her signs, but you fail! As most of the men do!

And we are not talking here about small signs that can notice easily like she pretends to be interested in who won the cricket game you played with your friends, but bigger signs you can see and can tell you she is not happy, and she already packed her bags.

But, there are things you can still do and save your relationship. Here are ten signs that can show you for real that a woman is done with you, so start noticing them, maybe you can still do something about it!

1. She is a different version of herself

She is completely changed and reinvented everything about her, her hobbies, her hairstyle, has music taste, and you feel you are not part of it. She doesn’t want to share anything with you and all of sudden you see her change.

It is some sort of detachment from you. But, she is still not ready to break up. So, the chances to keep her, are still here.

2. She is not active in the relationship

We all know, that women are pillars of the house. They always care for the housework, the relationship maintenance, and even for the whole planning ahead. But, suddenly she is not so interested, becomes lazy and passive, she will do nothing for your relationship and if in marriage, for your household. She is probably done with you.

3. She can hurt you easily

A woman in love would do anything to protect you and would never say harmful things to you. But when she is done with you, she doesn’t care much.

She probably feels you did not protect her enough and she has done so much for you. She has given all her love, but she sees that it wasn’t worth it, she won’t be that nice anymore and will start to show signs of leaving.

She will be concentrating on her own happiness, not on your mutual one. She will probably not cook you that delicious dinner with love when you come home, not even give you a nice massage after a long day at work. She is probably done with you.

4. She sets emotional boundaries

She clearly states what is hers and what is yours. She has her own privacy. She wants to rebuild her past sense of self, that self that existed before you got together.

Your relationship is no longer close, you are separate persons. This separation is some sort of preparation for you, before the final break up.

5. She built a metal shell around her

When a woman built a wall around her, she shuts down inside herself and she doesn’t talk much. She knows that whatever she says, things won’t change. She has already tried. She doesn’t want her anger to get slower, she wants to remain angry because she decided to leave you.

6. She is not clingy anymore

She used to be clingy and wanted to spend any moment with you, but now, she wants to get out from you any chance she has. She would not even spend time with family and friends she doesn’t feel close to, just to get away from you.

7. She doesn’t impress you anymore

 When she is done with you, she thinks that she has not to change to impress you, because she is good enough for you. She can see that you do not put enough effort as well and she will stop doing the things that make you happy, and she would not care what you think about her anymore.

9 Signs Woman Shows When She Is Not In Love With You Anymore

Love is a magical experience. It can turn your life into a fairytale when she is blooming, but in withered autumn when she fades away.

Your girlfriend starts acting bizarre and you are not sure how to act, you can just wonder if this is the same girlfriend you are with and she doesn’t love you anymore.

That could be the worst possible scenario, and here are some signs that you are not making things up:

1. She spends her time with her friends rather than with you

She takes any opportunity she has to hang out with friends and they are not always super–positive. They might even influence her to go in a bad direction and the time spent with her friends gives her a fantasy superpower for leaving you behind even more and for real.

2. She criticizes you all the time

This is not a healthy relationship, nor a constructive way to build it and it is not constructive criticism. There are things your partner should never criticize you, like your feelings and aspirations, but your girlfriend does. Sometimes, being silent is not the only way to tell someone your love faded away.

3. You are not part of her plans

She might go out without telling you she would. She needs time more time for herself, and more space and she doesn’t communicate with you her plans and you are no longer part of them.

4. She flirts with other guys

She talks with other guys, and is not just a conversation, there is real affection in her gaze and voice. And probably your friends will tell you the same, your romantic relationship is over.

Before the whole situation doesn’t just go into a totally different situation, you can take things into your hands and step in in a respectful way.

5. Your intuition tells you something is wrong

You may be an empath that can sense easily things around and it will be easy for you to see that your girlfriend is fallen out of love.

So, you already know that something unusual happens, so you should be vigilant. Still, sometimes you can decide to let things go. You cannot imprison someone in a relationship.

6. She doesn’t fight and talk with you anymore

She no longer responds if she is hurt, she doesn’t have that loving feeling anymore. She doesn’t struggle to stay in the relationship, not anymore.

She doesn’t respond to some of your questions and you know communication is the basis of any relationship. In this case, you must put the card on the table and see what is wrong with your relationship. No one wants to live in a lie.

7. She acts seductively around other men

It is usually the men that chase around other partners and sex ( which doesn’t justify them), but when a woman starts to stray it is often that she has big reasons to do it. That means that she is really angry with you and she is not satisfied with your relationship. Or, it is just simple, she is no longer in love with you…

8. You feel insecure in your relationship

You have probably started doubting your feelings, you love someone and you ask yourself where your relationship is going, and you probably feel insecure about your relationship. You feel helpless and frustrated.

If you feel that your relationship is toxic and you trick yourself that your relationship is the real one, you should try something new. Do not get stuck in a relationship, trying to fix your partner, but try finding someone that “completes” you.

9. She avoids physical touch and the intimacy dies off

When you try to touch her and she pushes you away, it is a clear sign that your relationship comes to an end. She probably lost her interest in you and the intimacy had died off. This is an evident sign that she no longer loves you.