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Anyone Can Say They Love You – It’s The Actions That Matter


Words and actions are not the same thing. So how do you know if the person you’re with really loves you?

Check out these 7 signs to know for sure:

1. They always follow through.

You don’t have to worry if the person you’re with will show up or not. They always do – like they’ve said they will. They keep their promises and they never disappoint you. Birthdays, couples’ dinners, movie nights, or lumps on the road – doesn’t matter. They stand by you in the good and in the bad. 

2. They see a future with you.

Your partner has discussed your future together. They mention they want to live together; they talk about how your kids will look like or what should their names be; they want to have a pet together, and you’ve already met their closest circle of friends and family. 

3. They make you feel safe.

The real bond is there when your partner’s presence calms you. You feel safe and sound because they are near you. You don’t need protection, but the fact that they are there, it gives you strength and confidence to go through anything. 

4. They ask you for advice.

Whenever your partner hits some challenges in life, dilemmas, or milestones, they consult you. They ask for advice – they need your opinion for better judgment. They are not afraid to ask what should they do or say, what’s the next step, or what’s the right choice. And they ask you because their opinion is all that matters. 

Also, they give you their advice when you are going through the same because they want you to be happy and successful. They are constructive and not at all spiteful or jealous because they want to see you grow. 

5. They have accepted your flaws.

They don’t care about your annoying habits, character flaws, or physical flaws. They love you and accept you the way you are. They see through your imperfections, even better yet, they don’t even consider them as such. To them, you are beautiful and sweet just the way you are. Acceptance is a cosmic sign of love. 

6. They share their deepest insecurities with you.

They have their hurts, complexes, and insecurities from the past, and maybe you’ve noticed them, but the fact that they are able to share them with you, to strip their sole naked is one step further. You show your deepest fears only to those you trust tremendously. 

7. They give, and give, and give.

They love you. They give everything to you – their heart, their soul, their time, their energy, they would share even their last penny with you. And they don’t care who’s giving more. Because that’s what love means: to give and expect nothing in return.