Home Stories Appreciate Loyal Women: They Are The Gems And Blessings Of Life

Appreciate Loyal Women: They Are The Gems And Blessings Of Life

Appreciate Loyal Women: They Are The Gems And Blessings Of Life

People cheat. I mean, let’s face it. A lot of them. For different reasons, but they cheat. It’s hard to find someone who is loyal and will stay by your side no matter what. 

Loyalty is an expensive gift, so you, my friend, need to start appreciating the girl standing beside you. 

Open your eyes and see her worth. See how much she is invested in you, how much of the time she dedicates to you. She is your rock, your shoulder – she never lets you go down. She lifts your spirits up and thinks only highly of you.

You are her king. Her gem, her sweetheart, her kindred spirit. See how her eyes glow when you hold her hand? It’s because she loves you. Because she has no one else in mind. 

See that worth – not many people can give out that much. Not many people are willing to put themselves on the line, to show how fragile they are in front of the person they love. Most will not let their guard down, but not her. She knows that you can hurt her, yet she gives you her heart and soul selflessly. 

She loves for both of you; she carries the relationship on her back only. Appreciate that loyalty, that wholehearted loyalty.

Often, we notice things only after we lose them. We appreciate people only after they walk away. So don’t take her for granted. 

Give her the love she deserves. Be there for her. 

Loyalty is what stays long after the passion and the intensity of new beginnings, long after the rough patches and the bumpy roads of mature relationships.

It is the one genuine thing that surpasses the ugly and the bad. The emotional floods and droughts. But it has to be reciprocated.

The thing about loyalty is that it can go through a lot, it can withstand a lot. But if unreciprocated for a long time, it fades away.

It’s like a ticket for two. You can go on that journey alone, but then you see the empty seat next to you and it just doesn’t feel right. So you walk away. And you, my friend, should not let that happen. You should not let her get away.