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Be Patient: Good Things Take Time, But They Are Worth The Wait

be patient

I know what you are thinking. Everybody around you has their life figured out, and the pressure of competing is pressing on your chest. But take a step back. Breathe. Think for a second. The world doesn’t care. Your timing is your timing.

Why do you want to rush things out? To prove something to the world? 

No. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, only to yourself. But we cannot rush some things, so why are you sitting there miserable, whining over your life? 

Things will fall into place. Maybe months after you are reading this, but they WILL. Our happiness is usually always around the corner if we only dare to look around. What’s yours, my friend, will come, no matter who’s competing with you to get it.

It. Will. Be. Yours. Period. Exclamation mark, even. 

And everything will make sense. The wait. The struggle. The days in expecting and agony. You don’t suffer without a lesson. Every person you meet in life is a lesson disguised as a blessing. 

For you to be truly happy you have to go through your fair share of rough patches, but they have a purpose so that later on when you get what’s yours, you’ll appreciate it. You won’t let it get away, slip away from your palms’ reach. 

The sky is clearer on the other side, always, but that’s not your side. Stop comparing. Stop weighing yourself down, darling. Who knows how many people are thinking the same about your piece of that clear, blue sky, and thinking how blessed you are for having what you have. Have you ever thought about that? How many people are thinking, God, how does he/she do it?

meant to be

Be resilient. Be patient. Your happiness will arrive. Sooner or later. Meanwhile, enjoy what you already have. Be unapologetic. Live. Prosper. Push your limits. Be happy with who you are now, and the rest will come. It’s all part of a master plan. You go through muddy rivers now; you learn your hard lessons, but that’s how you prepare for life. You need to pass a dozen tests to graduate in life just like in college. You were not meant to be a delicate flower trembling at the first sight of a wind. Darling, you were meant to be a wild rose withstanding blizzards because YOU CAN. 

And then the rest will come. Only not when you expect it, because your timing may not always align with the timing of life. But that’s the beauty: spontaneity.

Remember, we are visitors here, passengers. We are not the drivers in life. Your car seat may not be bulletproof, may not even have a seatbelt, but that’s the point. The driver knows no shortcuts to happiness because he wants you to look at everything around you. He wants you to have the whole experience. If you look through the window, you’ll notice the riveting beauty of nature bouncing back and forth. Pay attention to it. Don’t miss out on so many things stubbornly having eyes only for one thing. So be patient and enjoy the ride.