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Be Proactive and Stop Stressing About Your Health


If it seems no matter where you look, stress follows you, and then it’s time to face it and be proactive. Stress affects everyone differently, so the method to treating your anxiety, nerves, or feeling of impending doom may be different than what you’ve learned.

Most people bottle up their stresses and never speak about them, which is a mistake. Talking about what’s going on and getting out of your head are the two best ways to alleviate stress and get help.

In this article, we talk about some different ways to manage and completely eliminate stress from your life.

Remember: “Stress is Inevitable, Distress is Not”

What’s bothering you? Can you say what it is out loud? Be clear when you speak and assert your needs. This is an important step to realizing what’s going on within our bodies and minds. Otherwise, you may push things to the backburner or ignore what’s bothering you, which only adds more stress.

Pause and Escape to a Quiet Place

When you are stressed, any type of distraction makes it difficult to address what’s bothering you. Most people are addicted to their phones, social media, and screens, so take a break from it all and head to the park. A quick change of scenery and a true self-exploration may be necessary to understand what’s going on in your mind.

Schedule Time for What You Love

You may not think there is any time left in your schedule for things that just make you happy, but this is an important step forward to managing stress. Your mind and body need a break from the constant pressures of life, so make time for your favorite show, go to a painting class, or take a dance class. You are not defined by your stress. It’s what you do and love about your life that makes it your own.

Get Healthy from the Inside Out

Did you know that deficiencies can stress our body and mind? If you feel tired, fatigued, foggy, or just depressed, there are a few vitamins that you can take to help boost your moods, such as B-vitamin supplements, vitamin D, vitamin A, iron, and zinc. In addition, you may want to try CBD gummies for a daily boost to your overall health and wellbeing.

The Cognitive Restructuring Technique

Dr. Albert Ellis developed a new technique for handling stress, and it’s a key factor in cognitive behavioral therapy. It’s all about challenging negative emotions and correcting the negative beliefs that make these emotions seem more important than anything else.

The truth is we are strong and can take on a number of challenges throughout our lifetime; so in essence, you can reduce stress by taking a moment to yourself, analyzing your thoughts, identifying negative “automatic thoughts,” and thinking about the evidence to support or disprove those beliefs. You also have to be fair to yourself and forgive shortcomings; otherwise, the stress can hold you back in other aspects of life.

Have You Felt Stressed Lately?

Before allowing the stress to take over, you should monitor your present mood and remember how anxiety, stress, and depression work. These emotions and thoughts want you to feel pressure to stay down and helpless, but if you tackle these moods head-on, you can push past it and manage your stress like an expert.