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Beauty Tips – How to Pineapple Your Hair

Pineapple Your Hair

For those that are unaware of what the term means, to pineapple one’s hair has nothing to do with using a pineapple on your hair. The name came about given the look of the hair after this beauty or hair management procedure has been carried out.

You would realize that the locks indeed have a pineapple look after this technique is used, hence the name. Now that you know this, the bigger question is why people (especially ladies) perform this technique.

More often than not, it is to protect the locks especially when sleeping. Be that as it may, the look after the styling is done is delightful and some people choose to use it as their day-to-day hairstyle. For some, this is just for a brief period.

If you would like to learn how to pineapple hair, then you are reading the right article. This is because we will discuss how to go about it here amongst other things. So, ensure that you keep reading so that you do not miss out on any important detail.

Who Benefits the Most by Using the Pineapple Technique?

People with curly hair benefit the most from this technique. Other than this, people that do not like the way their locks look after they sleep will benefit from this technique.

The reason is that it positions the locks in such a way that the friction that normally affects them will be avoided. As a result, there is nothing or very little to worry about in terms of having frizzy-looking locks.

For this reason, people worried about how to maintain their curls or keep them in the right state and shape while sleeping should try it out. It would do them a world of good as long as it is done the right way. Speaking of doing this technique the right way, you should keep reading to find out more about that.

How to Pineapple Your Hair

curly hair

Many ladies use this technique to protect their curls and other hair structure, especially while sleeping as mentioned above. Some are glad to use this technique considering how it helps their locks stay intact and good-looking.

On the other hand, some people do not see the desired result despite trying it out. More often than not, the reason is that they do not go about it the right way. In other words, you have to pineapple your locks the proper way. To make sure you do it right, pay attention to the following steps:

Last Minute Preparation Is a lot Better

It is not often that last-minute preparations end up paying off. Well, this is one of the things you should know about this technique. What we mean by last-minute preparation is that it is better if it is done just before you go to sleep.

Doing it a long while before you eventually go to bed will not have the same measure of positive effects. So, you should only use the technique when you are certain it is time to take that nap.

Having made that clear, you should know that preparation is not just about making the locks into a ponytail before making them look like a pineapple. You also need to treat the locks well.

It is highly recommended that you use an effective hair oil product for this purpose. Apply the oil to add some shine to the locks. But more importantly, it also moisturizes your locks

This is very important as it will enable them to become soft as well as frizz-free. This is why you should get the right oil. For more on this subject, you can visit: https://www.healthline.com/

Pack Your Locks Accordingly

It is possible to have your locks in the pineapple style for day-to-day activities. However, it is mostly used because of how it protects the locks while you are sleeping.

To have your hair in this style you have to pack it well. Not playing by this rule is one of the things that can make it seem like the technique did nothing to keep your locks intact. So, make sure you pack it just as it should be packed.

To do this, you are advised to maintain the right posture by leaning to the front. This posture will enable you to gather your locks entirely at atop your head. Afterward, you can slip in your scrunchie or whatever it is you are using to pack the locks.

It is advised that you use something appropriate as this matters as well. Whatever you use has to have the right amount of elasticity to offer the desired result.

You should be mindful of the strain you apply while packing. So, do not make it too tight. It is better if it is a bit loose as this will prevent creases and dents, especially during the period you are fast asleep.

Evenly Distribute the Locks

After you pack our hair into a ponytail, you also need to evenly distribute the locks into two halves. It is only then that the look of the pineapple that this technique is called will be seen.

Secure The Hair Well

We have stressed several times how this technique is more about keeping the locks intact for a lot of people. Well, you can still do more to secure the hair.

Items such as soft bonnets or satin scarves can be worn for added security. Also, the ends of the locks that make it look like pineapple can be clipped as well.

On a Final Note

You have learned how to pineapple your hair in this article. This is very important but there are other things you should be aware of as well. How to take down pineapple hair is one such. If you would like to know how to do this, you can watch this video.

The process of making pineapple hair has to be right and this is why you should take note of the details in this article. The steps are no doubt easy but effective so you should take note of them.