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Behaviors That Vaping Enthusiasts Should Be Mindful of


Without even meaning to, many vape enthusiasts regularly draw the ire of friends, family members and assorted strangers. As such, it’s important to remember that while you may view certain behaviors as routine, others are liable to regard them with annoyance. So, if you could use a refresher in vaping etiquette – or are unfamiliar with the concept of vaping etiquette – there’s no time like the present to start brushing up. In the interest of avoiding vape-related conflict, take care to be mindful of the following behaviors.

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Blowing Vapor Clouds in People’s Faces

Under no circumstances should you blow vapor clouds in the direction of other people’s faces. Whether the individuals in question enjoy vaping or revile it, blowing vape clouds in their faces is both rude and unsanitary. Furthermore, with COVID-19 continuing to present an active threat, blowing aerosols into people’s faces isn’t exactly the most health-conscious thing to do.

Additionally, depending on the person, getting a face full of your vape clouds may prompt them to become verbally irate – if not physically aggressive. Unsurprisingly, most of the people you encounter aren’t going to be amenable to having vapor clouds blown in their faces. So, the next time you find yourself vaping in a group setting, make sure to be extra-mindful of where you’re blowing your clouds. 

Poor Vape Maintenance

A fair amount of vapor comes out of the typical vape pen. So, when vaping in the presence of others, you should be aware that those around you are likely to see and smell your vapor. Additionally, if your vaping tools are poorly maintained, vapor leakage and other issues that make your actions stand out are liable to occur. You can nip many of these problems in the bud by making vape maintenance a priority and replacing certain tools on a consistent basis.  

Presuming Permission

Regardless of how intimately you know someone, you should never assume that they won’t take issue with your vaping. For example, if you’re visiting someone’s home for the first time, pulling out your vape pen without asking permission is liable to make things awkward and uncomfortable. Even if the person in question has no problem with vaping in general, they may not be okay with you doing it in their personal space.

So, before vaping in front of someone – especially someone you don’t know very well – take care to ask for permission. Requesting permission illustrates consideration for the feelings of others and is likely to endear you to friends, family members and casual acquaintances alike. On the flipside, simply presuming permission may get you labeled as rude and inconsiderate and potentially place a strain on important relationships. 

For best results, you should always ask permission before vaping in front of others – and certainly before vaping in the homes of others. In addition, even if someone gives you permission once, this shouldn’t be taken as an indefinite greenlight to vape in front of them whenever you have the urge. 

Vaping in Restricted Areas

Since vaping is restricted in most public places, attempting to vape in these areas is practically asking for trouble. While some businesses prominently display their respective vaping policies, others aren’t as forthcoming. However, even if you’re visiting a place that falls into the latter category, assuming that you can pull out your vape pen and have a puff is liable to land you in hot water.

By extension, vaping in areas where you know doing so is off-limits is immature, inconsiderate and conducive to public embarrassment. Even if you attempt to hide what you’re doing – a process known as “stealth vaping” – there’s virtually no chance of your actions going unnoticed. Not only will getting caught prove humiliating to you personally, it will also serve to embarrass anyone who happens to be with you at the time.


Vaping may be one of your absolute favorite things, but this doesn’t mean that the people in your life are equally keen on it. Additionally, assuming that family members, friends and assorted acquaintances will never take issue with your vaping habits is pure folly. Even some of the most seasoned vapers regularly make an assortment of social faux pas, so there’s absolutely no shame in admitting that you need a refresher in vape etiquette. With this in mind, make a point of avoiding the behaviors discussed above.