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Benefits of Prayer


Prayer is an important feature of all religions, and it should never be something that takes a backfoot. You shouldn’t resort to prayer only when nothing else is working and, instead, you should be in constant communication with your god. All religions will have a time in which prayer is more crucial than any other time; for instance, Ramadhan is the time wherein Muslims engage in more prayer. Despite this, this doesn’t mean that you should neglect your duty to pray for the remainder of the year. Regular prayer is responsible for a multitude of benefits, but what exactly are the advantages of prayer?

Sets the Tone of Your Day

First thing’s first, prayer can set the tone for the remainder of your day. Instead of dwelling on the stress caused by a long commute, the never-ending list of chores, or piles of bills, use prayer to establish your mood for the rest of the day. Upon waking up, you should thank your God for all that they’re doing and completely focus on all the goodness that they bring. In doing so, your morning will be filled with thankfulness about each of your blessings. This provides you with a solid foundation to invite your God into the remainder of your day, allowing them to help in areas of difficulty.

Assists Decision-Making

Everyone is guilty of making poor decisions from time to time, but with prayer on your side, your god will deter you from certain bad decisions. When you ask your god for guidance, you’ll inevitably make better decisions. Despite this, you should also take the time to reflect upon previous decisions, and how acting differently would’ve impacted your day. For instance, how would things have played out if you reacted calmly and rationally as opposed to shouting? What would’ve happened if you invested some time into your friend rather than rushing off and shutting them out? What would’ve changed if you made a healthy decision rather than slipping into a bad habit?

Keeps Your God in the Forefront of Your Mind

Any devoted follower of religion should always have their god at the forefront of their mind. If you take Christianity as an example, Sunday is considered as the Holy day, meaning that many Christians neglect their relationship with God until Sunday morning. However, a proper relationship with any god can’t be built in an hour per week. Instead, your god requires your constant attention and recognition. The more that you pray, the more you’ll start to realize that your god is around you always. This allows you to reach complete peace and comfort, as you can be confident that your god will be with you in any trying times.

Strengthens Relationship with God

Your god should be regarded as one of your loved ones, and it’s highly likely that you’ll speak to your loved ones more than once a week. Therefore, you should be communicating with your god regularly via prayer so that you’re able to build this solid relationship. Similarly, these prayers shouldn’t be simply making requests, they should entail quality conversations with him that you would have with any other of your loved ones. Reciting existing prayers are a good place to start, but you shouldn’t rely on these alone. Sticking solely to these prayers will obstruct you from personalizing your connection with your god. You should open your heart, share your challenges and struggles, celebrate your victories and blessings, ask for guidance and help, and ask for forgiveness.

Do you engage in regular prayer? Is your relationship with your god the strongest that it can be?