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Best Kratom Krush Vendor Of 2022


Kratom’s popularity in the US is rising, with statistics showing that over 1% of American adults use kratom products for various purposes. The herb is readily available to adults, with online kratom vendors selling various kratom products, including capsules, powders, teas, and shots in diverse kratom strains.

However, while trustworthy online kratom brands and vendors like Kratom Krush exist, not all entities selling kratom online sell safe, high-quality products. Therefore, you need to identify trustworthy kratom vendors before spending your hard-earned money on their products. So, below are the top kratom brands doubling as online wholesale/retail kratom vendors.

Kratom Krush

Kratom Krush is a leading kratom brand focused on giving consumers reasonable access to high-quality, fresh, and pure kratom products. Its extensive product portfolio includes kratom powders/teas, extracts, capsules, and kratom leaf in white, green, red, and gold kratom strains. Moreover, the brand offers retail and wholesale prices, making it the best place to purchase bonafide Kratom Krush products at unbeatable prices.

The brand’s dedication to enriching your kratom experience means that they only use organically-grown kratom that meets the federal requirement for products labeled as organic. Second, it submits all its products for batch testing in accredited third-party labs to ensure that all the kratom products you consume are free of mold, pesticides, and heavy metals. The third-party labs also test the products’ purity levels for accurate dosing.

However, Kratom Krush offers a 45-day money-back guarantee to all consumers, signifying its tremendous faith in its products’ quality, purity, and effectiveness. Therefore, if any Kratom Krush product fails to meet your needs, you can contact the vendor for a refund.

The brand’s customer service team is readily accessible via the phone, email, and online chats to help you address such matters. Moreover, the dedicated customer service team can help you with product queries outside the consumer resources on the brand’s website and educational email series.

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Earth Grown Wellness

Earth Grown Wellness is arguably the best online vendor for botanical products, including kratom. The brand’s primary goal is sourcing high-quality plant products to allow consumers to savor nature’s gifts and improve their overall well-being.

One outstanding fact about Earth Grown Wellness is its exceptional product variety. The brand features kratom extract beverages and other edibles, powders, capsules, shots, and tinctures in green, red, and white kratom strains.

Moreover, the brand retails kratom products by leading kratom brands. Although it has thousands of herbal products on its platform, Earth Grown Wellness prioritizes product quality and exclusively stocks products by kratom brands that submit their products for third-party quality lab tests. Therefore, you can view accompanying certificates of analysis (COA) for each kratom product on its product page.

Second, the brand also exclusively stocks products by brands offering quality assurance guarantees, including Kratom Krush. Moreover, it follows up on the guarantees on your behalf should you have any issue with a product bought via the Earth Grown Wellness platform.

However, you should report any quality or efficacy issues within the stipulated guarantee period for your claim to be held valid. You can contact the brand’s customer service team via phone or email with any product queries or complaints you may have. Earth brown Wellness offers same-day delivery on 99% of their orders. (1)

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Super Speciosa

Super Speciosa is a leading kratom brand synonymous with exceptional product quality, as expressed in the thousands of online product and brand reviews. It holds a Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) certification awarded by the American Kratom Association (AKA).

The AKA’s Good Manufacturing Certification program aims to motivate kratom vendors to uphold and supersede the kratom product quality standards set by the industry regulator. Participating brands like Super Speciosa must complete an annual third-party audit of their production processes to qualify for the certification.

Besides the cGMP certification, Super Speciosa also submits its kratom products for independent lab testing to ensure they are impure and contaminant-free. Therefore, Super Speciosa affordably sells top-grade kratom teas, powders, tea bags, and capsules.

However, the brand also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its products to any disgruntled customers who may find the product ineffective. You can reach their dedicated customer service team via phone or email for wholesale or retail product queries. (2)

Golden Monk

The Golden Monk brand is an AKA-certified kratom brand famous for merging high-quality products at affordable prices. It sells kratom capsules and powders in popular strains, including red-veined, green, white, and Maeng Da kratom.

Golden Monk submits all its products to independent labs for batch tests to ensure product safety and purity. Moreover, it offers a 100% money-back guarantee to any dissatisfied customers. You can contact the brand via phone, email, or social media platforms with any product or purchase-related queries.

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Organic Kratom USA

Organic Kratom USA sources its Kratom leaves from Southeast Asia’s most trusted kratom suppliers. However, it also submits all its kratom capsules and powders for third-party lab tests to ensure they meet the AKA’s quality standards.

One unique aspect of this brand is that they allow you to create a custom kratom powder blend featuring up to four strains of your choice. Moreover, the brand’s e-commerce platform offers a risk-free way to purchase high-quality kratom and products via wholesale and retail, thanks to the money-back guarantee policy. Organic Kratom USA offers same-day free shipping for orders worth over $79.


Your kratom product’s quality significantly influences your kratom experience. Therefore, consider purchasing high-quality products from trusted vendors; luckily, you know where to start.