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Best Strategies: How To Win At Slots And Which Games To Choose


Slot machines are readily available in all land-based and online casinos worldwide. Following this popularity, a large fan base of gamblers plays these games daily. Of course, slot machines are easy to understand, so these games suit all gamblers regardless of experience. Slot games are chance-based, so it is impossible to decide the fate of a wager.

However, some strategies can enable you to maximize your winning potential. Creating and following a perfect strategy for playing slots is quite daunting. Thus, we have compiled a list of proven strategies you can employ to win slots. Furthermore, we will outline the benefits you can get from following these strategies. Let’s go!

Winning Strategies To Try At Slot Machines

Make Use Of Free Spin Bonuses

If slot machines have one outstanding feature, then it is the wide range of free spin offers available for players. Other bonuses include bonus coins, deposit cash, and other promotional rewards. But, free spins are the most popular when it comes to slot machines.

Many free spin offers are already available in slots, and the requirements for activation are often different. Though it depends on the online casino, there are a lot of free spins for $1 Canada, and a host of other countries offer to players. Of course, these free spins increase a player’s chances of bagging a win, but they often come with wagering requirements. Thus, it is always advisable to confirm the T&Cs of the casino in question.

Most casinos give you free spins for these slots, even without making any real money deposit.

Understand The Volatility Of Slot Machines

A player would hardly record any major wins without first understanding the volatility of slots. There are a lot of benefits in determining a slot’s volatility, as this can better enable you to know what to expect from a slot game.

Most casinos refer to this volatility as ‘variance,’ which is not often displayed publicly. As a result, you must select a game and hit the search engines to discover its volatility.

Games with low volatility offer higher winning chances. However, these games feature smaller earnings. On the other hand, games with high volatility often offer higher earning potentials. Still, the chances of winning those games are often lower.

Utilize Free Play

The odds are that all slot games have demo editions. Thus, players have the chance to practice with this free-play mode to understand better how a particular game works. This method is, of course, a winning method, as research shows that gamers are fast and capable of understanding new concepts quickly. Also, these free modes allow you to see a more fun side of slots, and they can also boost your confidence while playing with real money.

The results of slot machines come from RNG software, and as a result, they are unpredictable. However, using the free play strategy will enable you to understand the resulting structure for better decision-making. These demo editions also allow you to discover if a slot machine is worth it or not.

The Best Slot Games To Choose

The number one strategy to win at slots is to, of course, play the best slot games available.

You can always maximize your chances of winning if you play the right games. Though the RTP (Return To Player) is an essential factor to consider, several other factors like the risk level and the bonus offers should be considered.

As of today, here are some of the best slot games to choose from.

  • Ugga Bugga (RTP: 99.07%, Volatility: Low)
  • Starburst (RTP: 96.09%+, Volatility: Low)
  • Immortal Romance (RTP: 96.69%+, Volatility: Medium)
  • Diamond Strike (RTP: 97.02%, Volatility: Medium)
  • Gonzo’s Quest (RTP: 96%, Volatility: Medium/High)

Though these games are not necessarily the best slots out there, they all offer good chances of winning huge prizes.


Undoubtedly, slot games are very popular today. Due to their themed nature, these games are fun to play and present a captivating experience. We all know that slot games are luck-based; thus, it is impossible to predict the outcome of the wagers you place. However, the strategies in this article will allow you to maximize your winning potential.

You can always maximize your winnings by utilizing the bonus offers to understand how the games work and how to employ responsible gambling measures. By fully understanding these basic strategies outlined in this article, you can develop yourself to create a more personalized strategy.

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