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What Does Your Birth Month Say About Your Personality, Love Life, And More!

most attractive birth month

You can find a lot about yourself or someone else’s personality just by finding out their birth month characteristics. Based on standard numerology, the month you were born can reveal a lot about your birth month personality, career, love life, and more. 

Find your most attractive birth month below and read what meaning it has over your life!


Personality traits – thoughtful, aloof, ambitious, motivated, attentive, friendly, obstinate.

People born in January are born to be leaders. They are extremely motivated and ambitious. They are independent in every area of their life. Their intelligence can be seen in their eyes which shine with wisdom and power. They are also very charismatic and optimistic – everyone loves to be around them!

January born people tend to get excited as well as irritated in a spur of a moment. They want to make others happy, and they do not see others’ flaws – they only see the good in people. Even though they are resistant to illnesses, people born in January tend to catch colds easily. When it comes to money, they are very cautious, and they always think twice before buying something.


Personality traits – intelligent, realistic, attractive, temperamental, modest, shy, sincere, loyal.

Relationships are extremely important to people born in February. They dream of finding their soulmate and spending their lives together. They are very empathetic and lovable people. And, they want to feel that their love that they so freely give to others is reciprocated. They have soft and caring hearts and would be great parents.

These people are highly motivated and goal-oriented. They are ambitious and can become very successful if they choose to follow their ambitions. They love their independence and freedom and couldn’t stand if someone begins to restrict them in any way. Been highly sensitive, they can get hurt very easily, but they would rarely show their emotions.


Personality traits – attractive, sexy, sensitive, reserved, shy, honest, understanding, generous, secretive.

When it comes to luck, people born in March are one of the luckiest ones. Universe has a way to present them such favorable circumstances that they can make a lot of money quickly, but they can spend it even quicker. Moreover, they are prone to vices and addictions. And when it comes to relationships, they are not very faithful and do not take them seriously. However, when they fall in love, they fall in deeply.

People born in March are dreamers. They tend to lose themselves in their imagination and sometimes can’t tell the difference between the fantasy and reality. They love to be at peace all the time. They also love to travel and visit new places. On the negative side, they are very impulsive when it comes to making decisions, especially when choosing partners. They are also quick-tempered and easily angered. And they tend to hold grudges.


Personality traits – active, energetic, dynamic, emotional, decisive.

Just like people born in January, those born in April are also meant to become leaders. They are very charismatic and extremely ambitious. They are also smart, bossy, stubborn, and creative which makes them to always get what they want. Other people admire them and want to be around them.

Their caring and generous nature makes them one of the best friends and lovers. They are brave and fearless when it comes to overcoming the obstacles in their life. They tend to remove themselves from any situation they find uncomfortable and painful. They are excellent problem-solvers, and people often ask them for advice.


Personality traits – beautiful, hard-working, understanding, traditional, motivated, hard-hearted, strong-willed.

People who are born in May are very creative and self-expressive. They are often talented writers, painters, actors, or musicians. They treat everyone with respect. They are also very respectful and obedient towards authorities, and they have traditional and sacred values when it comes to marriage.

Even though they love to be around people, they need their alone time to recharge. They love being in nature where they can clear their head and organize their thoughts. They tend to feel trapped when they stay at the same place for a long time, so they need to travel from time to time. When it comes to love, they fall in love quickly and intensely, but they usually get disappointed quickly.


Personality traits – talkative, humorous, polite, sensitive, temperamental, dreamer, friendly.

People born in June are fantastic lovers. They are very romantic, caring, and passionate. However, they can get easily jealous and tend to focus on the past rather than living in the moment. They have a kind heart, but sometimes they can’t resist their urge to gossip.

They are indecisive, and because of this, they tend to postpone things waiting for better times. They are sensitive, but they rarely show their emotions to others. They can discuss on different topics and keep the conversation interesting and funny. On the other hand, they get bored easily, and they like to try new things to keep their life always fresh and exciting.


Personality traits – tactful, moody, sincere, quiet, witty, friendly, caring, funny.

People born in July are very sympathetic, caring, and lovable. They are also very candid and honest, which makes them great friends. They are very intelligent and very emotional which makes them likely to suffer from depression, often leading to cynical and sarcastic behavior. Others often see them as loners. But, when they make a friend – it is for life.

Because of their sensitive nature, they are easily hurt. However, even though it is not easy for them to recover from the hurt, they are not revengeful. They tend to forgive others who have wronged them, but they never forget their wrongdoings. Because they never forget, they have a difficult time to open themselves and trust someone.


Personality traits – romantic, friendly, funny, generous, sensitive, brave, fearless, egoistic.

People born in August care deeply about people close to them. They value love, relationships, and marriage above everything else. They are very optimistic and filled with an enthusiasm which inspires and makes everyone around them to feel good.

Their independence and sharp mind make them excellent leaders and able to achieve everything they set their mind on. They are very talented in their professions. However, because of their fiery temperament, they can get angered quickly and make impulsive decisions.


Personality traits – calm, quiet, obstinate, understanding, sympathetic, careful, secretive.

People born in September want everything in their life to be organized. They despise chaos, and they value stability and comfort. They are very emotionally intelligent and spiritual people with strong intuition. However, they tend to get depressed if something doesn’t go according to their plan. They need to learn to not be so hard on themselves.

When it comes to choosing their romantic partners, they are picky, but when they get in a relationship, they are extremely loyal and giving. They need to be less secretive and let people more into their lives. They have very good memory and never forget anything.


Personality traits – fair, loyal, assertive, decisive, emotional, sincere.

These people are among the luckiest out there. They always get what they want. All they need to do is wish for something, and it will happen. They have a revengeful nature, and if they could silence their inner demons and their argumentative nature, they can become very successful and achieve everything they want.

Those born in October can’t live without their friends. They always want to be around people, chatting, and making new friends. Even though they are very attractive and beautiful, sometimes they lack confidence. They need to learn how to control the variety of emotions they experience and focus more on travel, adventure, literature, and arts.


Personality traits – intuitive, psychic, romantic, hard-working, empathetic, sensitive, dynamic.

People born in November are always positive and willing to work hard to achieve their dreams. They are determined in their pursuit for a secure and happy future. Money problems can sometimes bring them down, but their hard-working nature will always get them through it.

They are very creative and are full of ideas. They believe they are destined for great things and will not stop until they succeed in life. They prefer to be alone rather than among people, which makes them reserved and secretive. In their relationships they often feel insecure; like they are always investing more.


Personality traits – patriotic, generous, honest, sexy, trustworthy, interactive.

People born in December are the life of the party. They have very busy social calendars and are always among friends and family. Sometimes, they tend to ignore their responsibilities and focus only on entertainment. They are very lucky, and love and wealth always find its way to them.

They love to be at the center of attention and live a fabulous life. However, they are not egoistical, and they always see the things as they are, and don’t pretend to be something they are not. They are very ambitious and hardworking.