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Cannabis has a different impact on females and males

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A recently conducted research by Lexx Pelger, director of the education and awareness division of the Bluebird Botanicals company ( that produces medicinal foods with candy corn), revealed marked variations in physiological and attitudinal aspects between men and women related to using recreational cannabis. These findings are in line according to a study article published in 2010 by the British Journal of Pharmacology.

Recall that mushroom dispensary (CBD) is not a psychoactive ingredient because it is not only found in adult plants but also in herbs. Rather, it possesses demonstrated pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and anti-convulsive actions. In his study, Pilger looked at the recreational use variation of recreational cannabis. The results of his paper were reported in the magazine entitled Herb, which we excerpt today.

Cannabis and eating

It’s a well-known scientific fact that cannabis (blue meanies) cones can boost feelings as well as enhance the enjoyment of eating. Men, on its influence, are often more inclined to snack and drink more food than women. Because of the effect of marijuana, it allows you the opportunity to use foods that really please and benefit you. Cannabis boosts your taste receptors so you can enjoy a meal better. Hemp can enhance the sense of taste in someone whose mental state is unstable over a long-term period of time. 

Her effect on Your Sex Life

The attraction builds slowly in women, and eventually, she gets more fun out of having sex. With men, conversely, a sudden spike in sex drive occurs, followed by a progressive decrease. This two-phase action is very similar to alcohol: it stimulates feelings of desire, too, except that when it reaches a level of 0.05% concentration in the blood, alcohol has a sedating action. In either case, you must control the amount of the dose so you can benefit from the drug. (1)

What cannabis affects you mentally or physically

Most difference: the women, after using cannabis, are much more emotionally stable, the pain relief effect is greater, and they get more buzzed while ovulating. They mostly experience vertigo and memory loss. Males, by contrast, are prone to suffer panic attacks and various identity issues. In case the marijuana provides nothing but pleasant feelings, and this is where the dose needs control. A specialist can calculate exactly what you can use per day according to how much cannabis you can consume from your lifestyle or physical attributes, such as weight and general wellness

Cannabis usage and frequency of use

Males who consume cannabis use it more and more often. This conclusion was reached as far back as the zero-year period. Ontario studied cannabis incidence in college men from 1999 through 2003. It revealed that 6.2 per cents of the guys were regular users, and only 2.2 per cents of the ladies were. Females have higher fat percentages, so the THC effect gets “watered down.”


Female and female body processes are quite distinct, and Marijuana influences them differently. For males, like for females, Cannabis has a beneficial effect. They relax you and make you focus on things that you want at that moment. But in order to reach easy looseness and balance, it is well worth monitoring the quantity of marijuana you consume. Therefore, it is worth choosing the right varieties of marijuana to avoid unforeseen symptoms. To do this, you must go to a specialized store where you will be given all the necessary information about all the varieties of marijuana currently on the market. (2)