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Chakra Seed-Mantras – You’ve Been Using Them Wrong! Here’s What You Didn’t Know About Them


The Internet is filled with different suggestions as to how you can open and balance your chakras. And one of the instructions you’ll read is to chant the one-syllable mantras that correspond to each of the chakras.

The result, as these sources explain, is the opening and balancing of each chakra. While there is a partial truth to this, it is not completely true, and may even cause a certain dose of disbalance in your life.

The different sources say that LAM goes for the root chakra, VAM for the sacral, RAM for the solar plexus, YAM for the heart, HAM for the throat, and OM for the third eye and crown.

However, as Christopher Wallis, aka Hareesh, explains, these mantras are not the seed-mantras for the chakras, but rather for the elements that are installed in those chakras. And the difference is strikingly important.

Christopher Wallis has graduated in Religion and Classics at the University of Rochester and received his M.A. in Sanskrit from U.C. Berkley and his M.Phil. in Classical Indian Religions from Oxford. He later became a Ph.D. on the traditions of Śaiva Tantra from Berkeley.

His years of studying and practicing the Eastern Yogic arts, the Sanskrit, and the Eastern philosophy have given him enough insight into what today’s neo-spiritual movements are still struggling to connect.

And when it comes to the chakra system, Hareesh has given out six very important pieces of information that the Western world hasn’t been aware of, among which is the fact that the mantras for the chakras we’ve taken for granted aren’t meant for the chakras, but rather for the 5 Great Elements of Hinduism.

As he explains, LAM is not the seed-mantra for the root chakra, but rather the mantra for the Earth element. VAM stands for Water element; RAM is the syllable for Fire; YAM stands for Wind; HAM for Space.

This gives the whole idea around these seed-mantras a completely new dimension and the opportunity for a different approach we should be aware of.

“This is important to know if you ever want to install one of those elements in a different place,” he notes. In other words, you can use these seed-mantras for other chakras as well!

Why is this so important? Because sometimes our chakras need some of the other elements to become more balanced, grounded, or whatever you’re aiming to achieve with them.

“D’you ever notice that modern American yogis have really unstable relationships?  Could that be connected to repeatedly invoking Wind on the level of the heart? So maybe you want to install some Earth in the heart sometime, cuz grounding is good for your heart. In that case, it’s kinda handy to know that LAM is the Earth element mantra, not the mūlādhāra-chakra mantra,” explains Hareesh.

Although you can’t install the elements at higher places, as the way they are ordered is the natural sequence they are set to follow, they have the ability to “telescope up or down,” depending on the practice.

All in all, it’s very important to understand that the elements, although present in particular chakras, are not bound only to those chakras and can be used to enhance and balance the properties of other chakras as well.

So, next time you want some stability in your love life, chant LAM to ground the energies that have been drifting in the Wind for so long. Same goes for any other chakra that you’ve been working on and any element that you wish to introduce to that aspect of your life.

This information is very important for anyone who might be chanting these mantras even at this moment. That’s why it’s important to share this crucial knowledge and help the Truth-seekers reach this information in what could be a vital moment of their spiritual development.

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Source: Tantrik Studies