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Common Skin Problems and Solutions


Skin is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Our skin requires significant maintenance, which we don’t comply with at times. It leads to a lot of skin diseases and problems. The rising environmental pollution doesn’t help in this case either.

It makes it more critical than ever to put emphasis on taking care of our skin. To do that, we must first understand our skin as we all have different skin. Different skin demands different treatments. We also need to learn how skin problems and diseases work. Only then can we better care for our skin and fight the issues as they occur.


This disease is pretty common among people these days. This genetic disease is responsible for developing red lumps that combine into plaques. The symptoms of this disease are easily noticeable in the elbows, knees, and scalp. But, a more critical situation can lead to symptoms appearing elsewhere as well.

This is a disease that should not be taken lightly. Because studies have shown that patients who are affected by this disease are prone to developing diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.


This disease is not totally curable, but there is a wide range of medication and therapy available to decrease the severity of the symptoms. With oral medication, light therapy, usage of creams, and other injectable medicine, it can be treated.

Plant Rashes

Some plants contain certain chemicals that can trigger a reaction in certain allergic people upon coming in contact. These plants are a part of poison ivy (not the antagonist in Batman) or the poison oak family of plants.

In a case like this, the person with an allergy that gets exposed to the chemicals on these plants is gonna show an allergic reaction within 24 to 48 hours. The usual response is the spread of a linear blistering eruption.


For a speedy recovery, you can try applying cold wet compresses to the affected area. In the worst cases, steroid creams or oral steroids are recommended by medical experts.


Acne is a common phenomenon among kids going through puberty. Although acne isn’t limited to puberty hitting kids, as it can affect grownups and kids alike.

Acne is usually a noninfectious burst of papules on the face. If left untreated, acne can leave long-term scars, blackheads, etc.


The treatment of acne can be natural. A lot of people prefer natural remedies instead of chemical ones. But, there are oral medicines and cream that can help fight acne. For some people, acne can be tough to deal with as different skin requires different treatment.

For example, someone who has dry skin needs to treat himself or herself with appropriate products that are intended for that particular skin-type. For some, natural remedies tend to work better than manufactured products or medicine.


We often hear about the skin growth called “moles.” Even though it can mean different sorts of skin growths, it is mostly used to refer to melanocytes. Moles tend to appear in parts of the skin exposed to the sun.

These “moles” are usually black to any other dark shades. Sometimes this can be confused with pigmented skin cancers. So, if you ever see a localized growth of pigment-producing cells in your skin, make sure to consult a doctor.


Shave excision is a popular method of treating moles. The technique is to use a small, sharp blade to cut around and under the mole. This technique is used on smaller moles.


Dermatitis – also known as eczema – is a skin disease that absorbs the moisture of your skin, and as a result, your skin starts getting dry and itchy. Eczema patients can face “flareups” at any time if their disease gets triggered.

The fear of the flare ups, the constant stereotyping of eczema patients, make their life troublesome.


There are wide varieties of treatment for eczema. Prescribed oral medicines, injectable remedies, wet wrapping, etc. are all conventional and standard methods of fighting eczema.

Numerous recent studies found that using red light therapy, one can severely improve their condition. The best part of red light therapy is that it doesn’t have any side-effects, with copious added health benefits.


Melasma is a skin disease commonly observed among people. Its main symptoms are limited to brown spots, typically found in the face. It can happen in other parts of your skin as well.

This condition is common among women who are capable of bearing children. Pregnant women are known to be more prone to this disease. Even, ingestion of contraceptive medication can trigger this disease.


The patients of this disease must protect themselves from the sun. Primarily, hydroquinone – a type of cream, gel, or lotion – is used to treat the patients of Melasma. They are used by spreading the cream on the affected spot.