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Debunking 6 Popular Myths about Writing College Thesis

Writing College Thesis

Writing a college thesis is surrounded by myths. The bigger problem is that most students believe these myths and fear thesis writing. 

The myths tend to delay the student’s progress, leading to a lot of other problems. It also delays the degree process. 

We are here to debunk the myths about college thesis to speed up your writing process.

  1. Independent Writing

The biggest myth is that you need to write the thesis independently. This idea only leads to piled-up stress, procrastination, reduced motivation, and depression.

You don’t need to do this alone. Ask for some help with the thesis papers

Writing is a skill honed with practice. Sit with your friends and help each other out with the thesis. You can also ask your supervisor for some guidance. They can give you professional advice as well as tips on how to gain more marks. (1)

  1. The Perfect Draft

Students expect all their academic work to be perfect. However, the bad news is that the first draft can never be perfect. Your supervisor is going to suggest improvements no matter what.

The point of the draft is that it is not a finished version. Don’t expect your first or second or even third draft to be perfect. 

Feedback makes your thesis better. So accept it and incorporate it.  

  1. The MOOD to Write

Most students write their thesis only when they have the ‘mood’ to write it. This doesn’t always work out because the ‘mood’ doesn’t always show up. But the thesis needs to be completed.

The truth is that writing does not require you to be in any ‘mood’; it’s all about action

Just start. Sit down and turn off all possible distractions. Eliminate all the negative thoughts that are giving you reasons not to write your thesis.

  1. It’s the Same Process for All

If your friend prefers writing at 6 a.m., that does not mean you would also function effectively in the morning. You might be an evening worker or a night owl. 

Do not listen to other people’s suggestions. Try to figure out the right time for you. 

Students can either prefer a noisy environment or a quiet one. Some people write better while listening to music, while some need silence. You can choose to write with your friends or alone. 

Everyone is unique and needs their own time to figure out their preferences when it comes to thesis writing

  1. Impressive Writing

Your college thesis isn’t for showing off your creative writing skills but for presenting your research. So don’t be blindsided, trying to impress your supervisor or the examiners with your writing. 

To be better at writing the thesis, try to answer all the questions about why you did the research in your project. 

How does it help society? What do you plan for the future? Such questions broaden the thesis and help people understand it better.

  1. Time

No matter when you start your thesis, you might need more time to complete it. As a college student, you would also spend your time on other things that might give you little time to work on the thesis. 

Time is precious. You need to use it wisely. 

It may be difficult to find solid four hours in a day to write your thesis. Be realistic and try to write whenever you can. 

Consistent work leads to improved progress. Make full use of the time available to you. (2)


We mentioned some myths about writing a thesis that discourage students from discovering their true potential. 

It’s time to prove them wrong and get your thesis done in the best possible way!