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Deer Placenta Stem Cell Therapy


The placenta is an organ that temporarily grows in the uterus of a female mammal during pregnancy. It grows around the fetus and acts as a pathway between the mother’s and the fetus’ blood, delivering nutrients and oxygen to the growing baby. The placenta is also simultaneously responsible for the production of a range of hormones, peptides and steroids that the fetus needs. In the 1500s, researchers discovered the potential of the placenta for medicinal purposes. Dried placenta is known to be effective in treating a range of problems, including skin disorders and fatigue. The practice of consuming dry placenta is called Placentophagy and is known to increase iron levels, counter depression and minimize lethargy. 

Stem cells

The main reason why deer placenta, also called purtier placenta, is used in deer placenta stem cell therapy is that it is rich in stem cells. The stem cells that the deer placenta contains can regenerate at a fast rate and thereby repair organs, tissues and cells very effectively. In turn, it leads to healthy skin and overall vitality. 

Hyaluronic acid

One of the most commonly used placentas in Placentophagy is deer placenta, which is high in hyaluronic acid that has many medicinal benefits. Deer placenta is a rich and natural source of hyaluronic acid, which is highly recommended for improving skin quality. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the body to act as a lubricant that stores moisture and collagen, both of which are necessary for increasing the elasticity of the skin, making joints stronger and more flexible, and used in connective tissue. Deer placenta is a rich source of this acid and, therefore, highly recommended by dermatologists. 


Not only deer placenta is a rich source of hyaluronic acid but also of many other natural hormones, including insulin-like growth factor (IGF1). IGF1 plays a vital role in the growth and repair of muscles. In addition to benefiting muscles, it also promotes bone strengthening, regulation of blood glucose levels, countering neurological problems and aiding the functioning of the kidney. As a rich source of IGF1, deer placenta is known to have excellent healing qualities. 

Vitamins and minerals

Since the primary purpose of the placenta is to transfer vitamins and minerals to the fetus, it is also a rich source of these. Deer placenta contains a high amount of amino acids, vitamin B and iron. Antioxidant vitamin E present in the deer placenta helps prevent free radical damage. The calcium it carries promotes healthy growth of teeth and bones, and the zinc improves the body’s immune system. 

These make deer placenta ideal for promoting healthy growth and repair of the body. Purtier placenta with live cells is being used in a range of therapies, including reducing ageing by keeping the skin fresh and healthy. Purtier placenta capsules have been used successfully for this purpose. You can find more Purtier info to get to know more about the health benefits of the purtier placenta online. The medicinal benefits of deer placenta are immense, and researchers continue to develop therapies based around the use of this.