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Display Your Patches Collection


Like every busy Scout, Logan Garfield has gathered a significant collection of scouting spots. There are spots he earned for selling popcorn, stains he obtained for attending camporees, and stains that he acquired in summer camp. The group has grown so big that Logan’s mother, Sarah, calls it “a miniature stockpile.” In reality, once I asked Sarah to send me a photograph of those stains, she admits we couldn’t track down most of them! For each picture, you’ll discover two or 3 tucked-in closets or even saturated in springs. I am simply not certain what to do with them, so I’d love some thoughts, she says. I am convinced a good deal of different parents would really like to find that covered. Patches are a fun way to spread awareness.

To beautifully display your patches collection, consider creating custom velcro patches that offer a versatile and engaging way to display your unique style and interests. These personalized patches will not only showcase your unique style but also offer the flexibility to arrange and rearrange them as you please.

Temporary patches, permanent memories

Sarah is inquiring about the spots which Logan, a Star Scout in Troop 16 of Arkport, N.Y., wore at the “temporary spot place” on the perfect pocket. The one issue with temporary stains is that a Scout can wear only one at a time. If one goes, the next has to come off. Hello, miniature stockpile. What exactly should happen to those temporary spots? Some have trade value; have sentimental value. Even though they’re known as temporary stains, all these are permanent keepsakes. They’re indications of scouting memories. If you have got an enjoyable collection of patches, you do not need to a) conceal it away in a drawer, or b) pay an expert framer to show it for you. Instead, have a look at these DIY variants for patch screens.


When the stains are all ones which you would be pleased to exhibit while out and around, why don’t you create a distinctive backpack particularly for these? This DIY backpack was designed to show a child’s Junior Ranger badges and stains while the child explores–also earns a different badge! Obviously, you do not need to sew a distinctive backpack; you could sew stains on any backpack which you own.  Be cautious if you would like to iron in your stains, however, as a few backpacks are made from a polyester fabric which does not take well to ironing.

Cloth Book

Let us say you would like to maintain your stains organized, and you also wish to have the ability to check at them, however, they do not have to be mounted on a wall. How about earning a fabric book to exhibit them? Velcro and felt would make them repositionable, and stitching them will allow you to keep them eternally in place, possibly adding embroidered vases or captions as well as photos.

Felt Banner

The spots are extremely carefully ironed on the sensed. If you do not wish to iron your stains, here is the way to sew them on. This Is a Superb screen for a children’s place since it is a soft screen and retains the child’s proof of all of their hard work reachable.

Flag with Fussy Cut Wooden Hanger

I really like that the wooden hanger with this particular patch screen is cut to match the subject of those stains. You are going to require a ribbon or Dremel to deal with this project, but it will be well worth it!

Framed Cork Board

Were you aware you could paint cork plank to give it a totally different, non-cork appearance? Try it! With no glass entrance to the framework, this screen is as fast and easy as it gets.

Model Hide Rack Display

A child could likely make this screen, meant to resemble a conceal rack, nearly independently. It is a fantastic way to practice those fine motor abilities with whole punching and knot joining!


A poncho is just one of the simplest jobs to sew, also since it is normally made from wool felt or a similarly hot and durable cloth, it is an appropriate coating to sew patches on for screen. Just be sure that you use a heavyweight needle and thread–I would recommend tools that can be utilized for denim, to be secure.

Poster Board and Hot Glue

I cannot imagine a more straightforward solution than the usual poster board backing, a store-bought frame, and also hot glue to mount the stains. If the patch includes a plastic backing that is meant to make it iron-on, the warm paste should easily peel off from it afterward. If it does not have plastic, then iron-on backing, then lightly iron a sheet of freezer paper to the back of the patch, and then use that as your attachment point to your hot paste.


I really have one of them in advance (shh! Do not tell my women!). A patch duvet is particularly great for a child to choose to camp, even if you have made it out of her older Scout spots, or to maintain on your RV if you have made it out of travel souvenirs. The patches add plenty of heft, so the quilt is sturdy and warm and travels nicely, though it’s heavy.

Shadow Box and Pins

A shadow box is a lot roomy enough to exhibit stains, even in the event that you add an additional padded backing so you can readily pin your stains for the screen. Start looking for stainless steel hooks, as thin as you can locate.