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Do You Have A Crush On Someone? Learn How To Deal With It.

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Have a crush on someone? Don’t Worry! Everyone crushes on someone. It is normal to want an extra slice of that heavenly blueberry cheesecake during a diet.

To be honest, haven’t you looked out for signs your husband has a crush on another woman? Or maybe you have had a crush on someone and have felt bad about it? Well, we all are guilty of doing this at some point. But, you have to first accept the fact that having a crush as a married person doesn’t make you a cheater.

Moreover, if you have some questions lingering in your mind, read on to learn how to deal with them.

Reasons You Could Have A Crush On Someone? 

●     You have FOMO

Have you noticed signs your husband has a crush on another woman, and have you felt insecure about it? You have seen him feeling much chirpier, and you want to feel the same. Having a crush is not always bad for a relationship. It can lead to some exciting, positive changes in your relationship. Adding a spark to your relationship with a healthy dose of jealousy is nice.

●     You are simply bored.

You are in a good space in your marriage. But you keep finding people who make you feel extra special. If this is you, then these crushes must again be momentary, and all you need to work on is some self-validation. And communicate with your partner and show him how to help you get excited about your life even during the dull phases of your marriage. 

●     You have an emotionally distant husband.

If the communication between you and your partner has broken down and every day feels heavy, then crushes can help make it lighter. But that is not the answer. You need to talk it out with your partner, which might also mean roping in a marriage counselor. Be open to where such interventions take you. 

●     You have met your soulmate.

Even in a solid marriage, sometimes you meet someone who understands you more deeply and completely than your partner. This is more than just a crush.

However, remember, when it comes to your soulmate, the timing is always right. Depending on your spouse’s understanding, touch upon this topic with them and see where it goes. If you can’t see past your circumstances, wait and learn more about your feelings.

Maybe you will realize there were just some specific character traits that attracted you to your spouse earlier, but now they have changed with more responsibilities. Maybe your crush wasn’t about the person but about the possibilities of new and thrilling adventures you can experience together.

This can be a tricky situation if there is interdependence and insecurities involved. But sometimes, making some tough decisions might be the need of the hour. This might complicate things in the short run, but clarity always is preceded by confusion.

Also, nowadays, the paradigms of relationships are shifting a lot. Society is becoming more open toward open marriages, polyamory, and divorces. Maybe, that might be the space your marriage is heading to. Be open to possibilities. 


No doubt, loyalty is one of the pillars of a relationship. Crushes show us what we want more of in our lives. But you can never be loyal to your spouse if you aren’t loyal to yourself about your feelings and desires. Once you can be honest and open about your feelings without resorting to blame games, your introspection and communication will take your marriage to a better and healthier place.