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Do You Have What It Takes to be a Professional Gambler?


A lot of people who gamble casually dream of becoming professional gamblers. Professional gambling is something many aspire to, but it can be elusive. To become a professional gambler, you must weigh the pros and cons of doing so, think about the type of bettor you would like to be and possess the right personal qualities. If you are considering becoming a professional gambler, you need to search within to see if you possess these qualities.

You Should Be Able to Embrace Risk

There is this perception that the life of a professional gambler is filled with fast cars, Martinis, and piles of cash. However, none of these are guaranteed because the life of a professional gambler comes with lots of risks. You cannot become a successful gambler if you are afraid of risk.

While you will lose money, being willing to embrace the risk that it takes to win at gambling is a trait you should already possess. To see how this works, consider a game of poker with a $100 hand. With five players at the table, you stand to profit $400 every time you win. This amount is much higher if everyone keeps raising preflop. If you play such a hand three times, lose twice and win once, you are still $200 in profit.

Tight aggressive players do this all the time, and this is why they are often feared. Although this example is extreme, it still shows how embracing risk can lead to wins over the long term.

You Must Be Willing to Learn and Study

Professional gamblers understand that learning is a never-ending process if they want to keep getting better and staying ahead. There will always be a new strategy to learn, a new sport to understand or a different type of bet to place. By educating yourself, you will learn to recognise value, especially if you like betting on sports or horses.

For this type of sports or horse bettor, studying statistics, knowing the trends and learning to recognise patterns is crucial as all three help you see value where others do not. With other types of games, you need to learn the rules as well as how they are played if you would like to stay on top.

You Must Be Willing to Leave Your Comfort Zone

Casual gamblers fall into routines where they play the same games at the same sites without venturing much outside their comfort zones. While there are certain advantages to sticking with what you know and are comfortable with, professional gamblers are not afraid to venture outside their comfort zones.

Doing so can be as simple as trying out new games and strategies. Remember, professional gamblers try to make as much money as possible, with entertainment being secondary. They therefore do not stick with the same games or sports because they go where the money is, and this calls for leaving their comfort zones often.

Additionally, professional gamblers are not afraid to try new sites or sportsbooks. To maximise their winnings, they try to take advantage of bonuses, promotions, and even VIP programs to ensure they are getting the most out of the sites and sportsbooks they give their money to. They employ several tools to find excellent betting sites including review websites like OnlineCasinos. OnlineCasinos reviews new gambling sites to help you learn everything you can about them before you start playing. They also provide detailed guides for the most popular games like poker and blackjack that you can find at UKGC regulated sites.

You Need to Be Patient

Patience is a very important trait for professional bettors. Patience allows you to hold on, let things happen and then see the outcome. It also allows you to not get out of seemingly winning or losing positions before everything has played out. In sports betting, a lot of people get out of a bet simply because the game is not going how they thought it would. Many of these people end up losing money or not making as much as they could have because these things resolve themselves and the bet ends up winning.

Are You Realistic?

Professional and profitable gamblers are realistic. They know the laws of probability, chance, and risk work for them as they work for everyone else. They do not think they will win every time because they do not believe in fantasies. Instead, they do everything they can to maximise their chances of winning.

They do this by having a solid strategy that they use for different types of games. They also know that the gambler’s fallacy can lead to huge losses. This fallacy states that past events can affect future outcomes.

For example, if a progressive jackpot has not been won in a long time, they figure it could be won at any time and thus put money into it. Realistic gamblers know this is a game of chance and put their money in with a realistic understanding they are unlikely to win, but taking the risk is better than not taking it at all.

Realistic gamblers also understand the concept of independent events. They know that almost all events when gambling are independent of each other and thus they gamble on independent events using their knowledge of the rules and game instead of past events.

You Need to Think Long Term

Most professional gamblers think like investors. They know small, repeating winning events are much better than trying to go for the big prize, although they do this from time to time. They use what is known as the law of larger numbers when gambling. Professional gamblers know that with a small sample of bets, they could lose money. However, with a larger sample, they get closer to the expected mathematical result.

If you are a good gambler, your advantage will help you make money gambling in the long term. Professional gamblers understand this and this is why they think long-term.

Regardless of the type of gambler you are, you cannot take any shortcuts if you would like to become a professional gambler. You need a combination of the right personal traits, preparation, and the ability to keep going to become and remain a profitable professional gambler.