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Does Weed Help You To Study Better?


Are you searching for one thing that will help you study better and get good grades? No, we don’t judge. We all have been there plenty. 

If you are anything like us, we are sure you must have tried everything and may even have considered trying out some weed? Yes, as unusual as it sounds, there are students all around the globe who are trying it out as we speak. 

Therefore, today let’s answer the question “can weed help you study?”

Does Smoking Weed Help You Study: The Secret Story

Weed is widely used for recreational purposes but in recent times students have started taking it for studying. What’s next, students believe that consuming weed is highly effective. This begs the question, how? Hence, it is time to see how weed impacts our brains. 

Weed works by enhancing the neural connectivity in the brain. This is the reason that it can lead to hallucinations and psychosis when consumed in big amounts. So, what does weed help you with? Here is the answer: when consumed in limited concentration, weed is believed to enhance your focus, thus helping you study better. 

MRIs have shown that weed can shrink a brain physically but at the same time, it amplifies the connection between neurons. This is a theory supported by many who are of the view that weed helps to study better. 

Although it has also been observed that consuming weed helps the brain get a better connection between neurons, it to damage the internal brain structure if used for a prolonged period of time. 

Orbitofrontal cortex is the area of the brain which makes judgments of adversity and reward and this is also the area that gets impacted by weed. This can be a cause of concern given how delicate the brain is. 

That is to say, it is worth mentioning here that the connectivity of the neurons caused by the consumption of weed is still better than most average non-users.

The Good Things

  • Time to relax

According to a 2016 study, students are spending more time studying. Danish students spend around 37.6 hours in higher education. 

One of the benefits of weed is that it promotes relaxation. This is why many students are turning to weed and vaping. If you are curious about how to get started and what is the best vaporizer, learn more here

Getting stressed and being anxious about exams and degrees is a common phenomenon in the life of a student. But with a small puff of weed, all those anxiousness disappears into thin air. Hence, it is safe to say that weed is a good decompressor. 

It has been seen that most of the students who take weed to study usually do so on the night before the exam. The reason put forth is that the extra amount of pressure on the night is effectively taken care of with smoke.

  • Let’s focus

As mentioned earlier, weed can improve the connectivity between neurons and allow the brain to function in overdrive. This is the reason it is most effective when you are trying to concentrate on a topic or subject before your exams. 

Students have attested to the fact that weed consumption has allowed them to brainstorm better on subjects. This, in turn, has also allowed them to focus on studies irrespective of whether they were taking notes or listening to someone speak.

In addition, it is found to be of great help to the students by making them memorize difficult topics with relative ease. 

  • Time to sleep

Perhaps what one needs before an exam is a good night’s sleep and consumption of weed allows you to do that. It effectively helps the students to switch off their brains and sleep as soon as they hit the bed. 

The Bad Ones

  • Count the doses

The first drawback of weed consumption is not knowing how much to take. It is only effective if the doses are small because in high doses it will end up having a more adverse effect on the body, especially the brain.

  • Increasing expenses

It is fun to consume weed both for recreational purposes as well as for studying but it comes with a cost. This expense is going to be an added burden on you and is sure to mess with your budget. This becomes harder if you are a student living in another city.

Some Do’s and Don’ts


  • Do not consume excess weed when you are going to study after consumption.
  • If you are going for group study, then confer with other people of the group before consuming it.
  • Know your limits and strictly consume likewise and do not cause problems for others.


  • Do not spend too much on weed, it’s better to be sober than to be broke.
  • Do not go with the flow; consume it only if your body permits.

After looking at the various aspects of weed consumption, whether weed helps you study or not depends entirely on you. Although it is not advisable, weed can be effective for studying if taken in small doses.