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Don’t Let Your Partner Change You: You Deserve To Be Loved For Who You Are

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Sometimes when we love someone so much, we forget thinking straight. Love is blind, I know that. You know that. But when you are in love, you let too many things slide. You may let a toxic person enter your life and not even realize it. 

Here are the 7 things you shouldn’t let your partner do or get away with:

1. Never let them make you give up on your passions. 

If you enjoy doing something, you should just do it. Don’t let your partner cast a shadow over your life and hobbies. If they don’t want to join you, at least they shouldn’t stop you, I mean, it’s not you are hurting anyone. 

Always find the time do to the things you love because being in a relationship does not mean not having a life. 

2. Never let them behave condescendingly or make you feel embarrassed about your past. 

We all have things we’ve done we are not proud of, but you love a person despite those things. If you chose to be with them, you should accept that and move on.

Everybody has a past and has gone through a hard time at some point, so you shouldn’t let not just your partner, but anyone criticize you and make you feel less worthy or accomplished. 

3. Never let them stop you from pursuing your dreams. 

Your partner should be the happiest person when you get the job of your dreams or when you achieve something you’ve been working on for a very long time. There is just no space for jealousy. You and your partner should let each other grow; you should be each other’s pillar, each other’s most fierce supporter. 

If your partner is dragging you down you should be out of that relationship, I mean, stars are the limit, not your partner!

4. Never let them tell you who you should be.

Your character, your personality – fierce or quirky, is what defines you. It’s your trademark, it’s why all your friends and family love you. Your partner should too. 

Be more lenient or Don’t speak so fast when you’re upset or You’re too impulsive or Don’t laugh loudly in public – may all be fair arguments (or not), but if that’s who you are than that’s who you are. You are not going to turn every reproach into a drastic change, now will you? 

Criticism is constructive, sure, and we should work on bettering ourselves, but not because someone makes us. We should do it because that desire comes from our very heart.

5. Never let them lie to you.

Strong relationships are built on trust. If the trust isn’t there, you are left with the leftovers of a faded relationship. Mistrust and lies cloud love, so better late than never, solve that problem out. Point out that you may forgive once or twice, but lying should not become a habit. 

If you catch your partner lying through their teeth continuously, then it’s time to say your goodbyes. 

6. Never let them bring up past mistakes in the present.

If you had a fight, well, you had a fight. If you discussed it and left it in the past, there is no reason for them to mention that same fight or mistake over and over again. There is no reason for them to cast the blame on you even though 2 years have passed. 

Guilt-tripping and clinging on to something is borderline toxic and you don’t want that around you. Clearly state to your partner they need to let bygones be bygones and focus on the present. 

7. Never let them force you to do anything you don’t want.

You cannot force love. Similarly, you cannot force your loved one to do something they don’t want to do. It’s counterproductive.

Next time your partner tries to get you to do something, tell them that. Refuse and don’t even stutter.